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What We Are Learning

Minibeast Mayhem

This year has whizzed past and I can't believe we have reached our final half term. To finish our year off we will be learning all about insects and habitats. We will be building our own habitats and thinking about how different habitats suits different animals because they meet the animals needs. 

This will be reflected in our art work, learning about environmental artists, such as Andy Goldsworthy and creating our onw two and three dimensional representations of natural things. We will explore our natural surroundings during our Forest School sessions making sketch maps of the local area and then using atlases to find locations in the UK and around the world. 

Once Upon A Time

Our theme this half term is based around all of our favourite traditional tales. We will be looking carefully at the story of Dick Whittington and linking to the real life character of Richard Whittington, who lived locally. Beatrix Potter stories will be explored during our punctuation and grammar sessions. These tales will be a stimuli for exploring simple mechanisms in creating our own moving pictures in Design Technology.

We will be looking at Gloucester as a significant local place and finding out about its amazing history, following on with a trip to Gloucester later in the summer term. We will use some of the information we learn in our creation of sprites to use in our programming on the iPads. 



Dinosaurs & Mythical Beasts

This Spring term we are following some of the interests of the class and learning about dinosaurs and imaginary monsters. We will be using classic stories including Where The Wild Things Are, as well as a selection of modern stories and non-fiction texts. The children will be taking part in activities to developing writing in different sentence styles and text styles, creating story maps and speech bubbles, building on the skills they have developed over Autumn term.

We will be learning about fossils and dinosaurs and finding out why learning  about them is still important. Our art and computing lessons are strongly linked as we contrast digital media with painting, sketching and pastels. We will explore the work of a range of modern artists from Klee and Kandinsky to Rothko and Delauney. 



 Starlight Express 

In Class 2, for the second half of the Autumn term, we will be learning about changes and developments in vehicles over time. We will be exploring lots of STEM activities as part of our enhanced provision, finding out about boat, car, train and rocket designs. One element of our theme is learning about space travel and the planets. We will be looking at journeys we go on and what we see on the way and comparing to journeys made by migrating birds. 



Of course the term will culminate in Christmas celebrations and we will be planning and practising our nativity performance. Details of our chosen play and the children's roles will be sent home in the next couple of weeks. We hope that we will be able to invite an audience in to come and see it but will keep you informed about how the nativity will be shared with you.

  Beside The Seaside    


Our theme for the first half of the Autumn term is based on our experiences of the seaside and how these have changed over time. We will be exploring ways of creating different habitats, as well as exploring animal habitats around our school. We will be naming and creating the geographical features found around a beach. Our artist's corner will be focussed on painting using different tones and techniques, such as wax resist, whilst finding out about different works by famous artists, such as Picasso. In history we will touch on pirates and how they travelled around as well as finding out about Grace Darling and her heroic actions.