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Class 4

Week 12 Home Learning

Some SPaG papers to keep you busy!

Week 11 Home Learning

Some super home learning!

Dear Class 4

Hello again! Time really does seem to be flying by! Mrs Phelps and I hope you are keeping well and looking after yourselves and your families. Having spoken to, or received an email from most of you, we know that you are getting up to lots of interesting things at home. If we haven’t spoken to you then we will keep trying. Lots of you have sent in photographs, letters and projects- it makes us smile so much when we see how clever you are being and how creative and inventive. Keep working through your learning packs and grab ideas from here if you need to. For STEM ideas, check out this website.


Year 6 – it’s SATs week next week! If you haven’t already done so then have a go at the SATs papers from 2019. If you scroll down you will find them. If you’d like to have a go at some more then they can be found at:


We are still in school often, but on our days off we continue to make the most of being at home. The seeds I have planted are growing really well! I’ve now planted my sunflowers too. Anyone want to join me? Let’s see who can grow the tallest?


On VE day, my family and I made bird boxes out of wood, slate tiles and a bike tyre inner tube.  Mrs Phelps and her family are also making a bench out of an old door – it looks amazing! Have a go and see what you can make/build by up-cycling items from around your house and garden – it's great fun!


Keep sending us your work – we love reading it or looking at what you’ve been up to.

We miss you all so much.


Love from

Mrs Carolan and Mrs Phelps x

The Carolan Family Bird Boxes!

Can you guess which one I made?

I am so impressed with all the amazing work you produced last week Class 4 – well done!

It was so lovely reading all your topic work,power points, stories and emails and seeing the photos of your work (including some amazing baking!). It’s also great to see that some of you are using the Literacy Shed for inspiration for your writing – perfect! You all seem to be getting on well with your maths and I’m so pleased that you are all thinking carefully about the presentation of your work. There have been some interesting STEM projects as well – send me some photos if you can!

I just want to say thankyou for all of your dedication and perseverence, you are doing yourselves and your families  proud.

I also want to say a huge thank you to the parents. Your commitment to home learning has been amazing and I am so very grateful for all your help and support J

Please don’t hesitate to email me if I can be of any help.

Enjoy your learning and have some fun!

I hope to hear from you soon,

From Mrs CarolanJ

Dear Class 4,

I hope you are well and have enjoyed your sunny Easter break. The weather has been gorgeous, so hopefully you have been getting out for your daily exercise or enjoying your gardens.

I have been very busy in my garden planting flowers and cutting the grass and whilst doing all of this I have made two little friends- Ronnie and Rosie robin! They love following me around and checking for worms where I have been digging. For the first time ever, I have started growing vegetables and flowers from seed. I water them every day and cannot wait to see the first green shoots. My next project is to grow some ‘sweet peas’. When I do I will bring some into school for you as they smell beautiful.

I’ve also been running and cycling regularly and have enjoyed reading the chalk messages some of you have left on the lanes outside of your houses. Obviously I have baked a lot of cakes and I have some great new recipes that we can cook when we are all back together.

I am still going into school every week to help look after the children of key workers – it has been lovely getting to know children from different classes- but obviously I miss you all lots!  When I am not working with children I go food shopping for a couple of my elderly neighbours who I check on daily to make sure they are ok (keeping a safe distance of course!!)

I hope that you are enjoying your home learning. I have been really impressed with the work you have been doing. Henry and Jayden - your maths has been impressive; Lyra- your art projects are stunning; Ava- please can you teach me how to make soap? Holly – your stories have been really exciting to read. I’ve even had cakes left on my doorstep (thank you Amber) and Sophie C, your home desk is so organised! Grace, I hope the times tables are still going well and Molly; I hope you’ve come down out of that tree!

It would be lovely to hear from more of you- perhaps you could write a letter and post it to school or simply send me an email showing me what you have been up to. I hope your learning packs are useful, but if you need any help or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Take care of yourselves and look after your lovely families  - I will write again soon.

Love from

Mrs Carolan xxx

Lyra's globe
Lyra's globe
Some elephantastic artwork!
Ava's homemade soap

Welcome to Class 4!



Welcome to Class 4 – the class of creativity and pure fun! Our teacher is called Mrs Carolan and our TA is Mrs Phelps.  They are always there for us and help us to perform to the very best of our abilities. Being in the top class is amazing as we get to go on lots of incredible trips such as Young Voices in Birmingham, a theatre and museum experience in London and a five day residential.  . We enjoy doing lots of PE, including a weekly swimming lesson, at Tewkesbury Leisure Centre and tag rugby with our great coach Jack Patelo. We also enjoy  cooking delicious recipes using fruit picked from our school grounds or vegetables grown in our raised beds and generally have a great time!


Please find below the Key Stage 2 SATs papers for Year Six. 

Hanley Castle Netball Tournament

Well done to our netball teams who played brilliantly at the tournament at Hanley Castle High School. You all played fantastically and we are very proud of you!

We designed and made our own moving toys using eccentric cams

Curriculum Overview - Spring 2020

Curriculum Overview - Autumn Term

Worcestershire West Cross Country Championships 2019

Congratulations to Class 4 for coming overall first in the Worcestershire West cross country championships. You were all amazing and we are very proud of you.

Blists Hill

Class 4 had great fun visiting Blists Hill for a day indulging in Victorian Life. 

We've had great fun both making and researching Anderson shelters!

Trip to Hardwick Green

Meadow Artwork Step 1

Wax resist mark making based on meadow seedheads.
Watercolour Autumn shades onto wet paper.
Letting the colours flood together.