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What are we doing this term?

Summer Term 2 2021

Our next few weeks will see us develop our topic of 'Growing Stories' with the hatching of the 'Mysterious Egg' to inspire artworks and writing; retelling the traditional tale of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' in drama, song and music; creating castles in construction with all the features using 2D and 3D shapes, and using these as settings for invented stories. We will think about fairytale characters, including heroes and villains and help Billy's Granny recall the stories she knew as a child as we transform the role-play area into a 'Storyteller's Cottage'


In Maths, after our work on shape & spatial awareness, we will be following the White Rose Maths' units of work 'First, Then, Now' which is all about using addition and subtraction to solve 'number stories' before moving on to Phase 9 'Find my Pattern' and Phase 10 'On the Move'


As the children reach the end of their reception year, we will be thinking of their transition into Key Stage 1, as well as hosting taster afternoons for our new intake. Our PHSE topic 'Changing Me' will focus keeping healthy and on transition towards the end of term.


As the children enjoyed their visit to Berkeley castle so much, we are planning another trip towards the end of term!

Curriculum Guide for Parents Summer Term 2021

Summer Term 2021

Our over-arching theme for the term is ‘Growing Stories’ through which we will engage in activities to learn about and to care for plants and creatures in our school environment and to develop a love and understanding of traditional tales and fairy stories.


Although it is the Summer term our first unit of work will be based around Springtime and all the 'Things we love about Spring'-thinking about new life, growth and change and enjoying being outdoors. We will help our new ‘Flower Fairies’ observe and look after their gardens and their mini beast pets, as well as tending to our own class garden.


With the arrival of ‘The Mysterious Egg’ from the zoo just before Easter, we will think about what we need to do to make it hatch, and continue to wonder what it might hatch into! If anyone has any frogspawn in their pond please could you bring some in for our nature table?


Please enjoy developing these themes in your own garden and on walks. To help your child develop a sense of the past maybe you could find the treasury of fairy tales you had as a child to read at bedtime, or maybe ask the grandparents to tell or read a traditional story that they knew as a child. If they video themselves doing this we could share it in class in a ‘Mystery reader’ story time at the end of the day.


We will consolidate Set 2 Speed Sounds and cover alternative spellings of the long vowel sounds through Set 3 Speed Sounds and Phases 3 and 4 of 'Letters and Sounds. We will be applying our developing reading and writing skills through literacy, topic and creative activities and challenges. 


In Maths we are following the White Rose Maths 'Spring Consolidation' before moving on to the theme 'To 20 and beyond'. In class we will not watch much of Miss Cooper so if you wish to help your child with maths mastery then please continue to watch her short daily videos at home if you have time as her screen representations are very clear.


PE will be cricket (Monday mornings) and rugby (Thursday afternoons), both with visiting coaches, and we will also practise throwing, catching and aiming skills through continuous provision.


On Fridays our PHSE lessons will follow the JIGSAW PHSE units of work 'Relationships' and 'Changing Me'



Spring Term 2021

Autumn 2 2020


Our topic for this half term is 'Light and Dark' through which we will explore a range of ideas and activities; more details will be on the 'What are we doing this week?' page.


We will consolidate Phase 2 of 'Letters and Sounds' and complete Set 1 of the Speed Sounds, practising and applying our phonic skills in reading and writing activities, and move on to learning the Set 2 Speed Sounds and some Phase 3 sounds-the long vowel sounds.


In Maths we are following the White Rose topic 'It's me! 1,2,3'; currently still on 'Week 1' if you need to access it from home.


Parents have recommended 'Reading Eggs' as a fun way for their children to practise their developing skills; and don't forget to sign up for the e-books available through Oxford Owl. There are links to both of these below.


Forest School and PE continue as before on Thursdays and Fridays. In PE we will be learning about dance and how music can make us feel; responding to fast and slow music and developing moves and gestures to represent ideas and feelings. We will listen to a range of music from different cultures and times. We will extend our vocabulary by learning synonyms for 'happy' and 'sad' and other emotions words.


The JIGSAW PHSE theme for this half term is 'Respecting Differences' and our RE will focus on the Christian celebration around the Winter Solstice-we don't mention the word until at least the first week of December!




The children have become independent in the routine for coming into school. We have a visual timetable for them to follow and they are used to having their own carpet space and a learning partner. Phonics sessions are now established and follow up homework is proving successful; thank you for your support with this. The children are enjoying the range of activities and completing the challenges, which have to be done to the best of their ability!


We will be starting to model the writing process and work on shared writing compositions, and this week we will think about how to structure a story; 'who' it is about (the main character), 'where' the story happened (the setting) and 'what happened?' (the problem and the solution). We will introduce symbols and actions for these elements of  narrative and use play-based experiences to turn story telling into writing, such as small world play and role-play.



Next Thursday 17th September will be our first Forest School session.


Please can your child come to school wearing clothes suitable for the outdoors. These should be old comfortable clothes; joggers, leggings and a long-sleeved T-shirt; and trainers. Please could they have waterproof trousers on too.(all items named)


They will need wellies (named) and a waterproof coat (named) in a named carrier bag. They do need to bring their book bag in and they will need their water bottle.

PE Autumn 1

PE will be on Friday afternoons, starting next Friday 18th, the first full time day.


The children will need to come in wearing their PE kit; white T-shirt or polo shirt, blue shorts, white socks and trainers. They may wear leggings or joggers and a school/navy sweatshirt over the top if the weather is chilly. They will still need their coat, water bottle and book bag.


It would be a good idea for the children to keep a spare set of clothes in school in a drawstring bag, so they could use their PE bag for this. The bag would stay on their peg and only come home at half term.


Spare clothes are useful for various reasons; a child may have a 'little accident' or they may fall over on a rainy day and get wet and muddy. They may get muddy during a forest school session or they may become poorly and be sick!


These clothes do not have to be school uniform, just something comfy and practical, such as leggings and a long-sleeved T-shirt, pants and socks.


If all items of clothing, as well as the drawstring bag could be named please! You can send these in this week or next, Thank you! LK

Autumn 1 2020


Our topic work this half term is called 'Water, water, everywhere' and is planned together with Class 2. Classes 1 and 2 will form a 'bubble' with separate play-times to Key Stage 2 (Classes 3 & 4), which will form the other 'bubble'. If your child has an older sibling in Year 3,4 5 or 6 please make sure they know that they won't see their brother or sister in school at the moment. This is such a shame because the older children usually love to see and look out for the new intake.


The first 'mini-topic' which will run for the first 2 part-time weeks is called 'Me, you, us' as we will be getting to know each other, talking about ourselves, our feelings and our families; finding out about new friends, sharing & taking turns and learning to bond and work as a team. Our link to the water topic will be 'Water for a healthy Me'; and their will be a big focus on hand washing and the importance of drinking plenty of fresh water.


We will learn the NHS hand washing song which teaches the best way to clean hands thoroughly.

Learning opportunities this half term


The document below is an outline of the learning opportunities your child will have this half term. There is also a sheet for you to contribute your own observations & knowledge of your child to help build up a profile of their learning and development. You can complete it over the next six weeks and email it to me towards the half term break. I really appreciate your input in building an accurate picture of your child's interests, learning and development.

Curriculum Guide & Learning Opportunities Autumn 1 2020