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What are we doing this term?



This half term we will continue with our topic 'Animal Adventures/Wild World' through the mini topics:

People & Places in the Local Area-thank you for sending in your photos.

Wild Weather & comparing climates/habitats of Antarctica and Africa

Homes around the World & comparing life in UK and in Africa

Wild and Free-animals in captivity & the wild


Please see the curriculum summary below and the 'What are we doing this week?' page for more information.








Our over-arching topic for this term is 'Animal Adventures', based on the children's interests.


We will start with the mini topic 'Pets in Space' and we will learn about the first dog cosmonauts, Laika and also Belka & Strelka, using our key non-fiction text 'Dogs in Space' by Vix Southgate.


We will be holding a reading workshop style meeting for parents soon, to demonstrate the methods used to support your child with the next stage of learning to read-the date of this will be confirmed asap.


Forest School is on Wednesday afternoons, starting Wednesday 11th January, and PE continues to be on Thursday and Friday afternoons.


Please see the curriculum guide below.


More details of the learning for each week will be on the 'What are we doing this week?' page, with links for Home Learning opportunities for consolidation.



Our over-arching topic for this half term is 'Light and Dark', through which we will explore different themes.


We will start with the mini topic 'Autumn Celebrations' and our Rainbow Challenges and learning opportunities will be based around the festivals of this time of year.


We will then go 'Into the Woods' and explore 'The Forest at Night'. Please keep an eye on 'What are we doing this week?' for more information.


In science on a Thursday afternoon, the children will continue to learn about the amazing human body. They are experts in using their senses, and are going to be finding out about keeping their bodies strong and healthy.


We will be joining Class 2 in preparing a nativity play which will be performed to a live audience in December!


Forest School continues to be on a Wednesday afternoon, and PE on Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons.

Please ensure your child has a complete PE kit in school. and that they have the essentials for Forest School in the bag they bring in every Wednesday-Thank you!

Autumn 1 2022


Our topic work this half term is called 'Home & Away'. 


The first 'mini-topic' which will run for the first 2  weeks is called 'Me, you, us' as we will be getting to know each other, talking about ourselves, our feelings and our families; finding out about new friends, sharing & taking turns and learning about the classroom, playground and routines.  


We will reinforce the importance of good hygiene practices and learn the NHS hand washing song which teaches the best way to clean hands thoroughly.

PE Kit and Spare Clothes

It is a good idea for the children to keep a spare set of clothes, as well as their PE kit, in school. This bag stays on their peg and only comes home at half term so that PE kits can be washed, and to check that trainers still fit!


Spare clothes are useful for various reasons; a child may have a 'little accident' or they may fall over on a rainy day and get wet and muddy. They may get muddy during a forest school session or they may become poorly and be sick!


These clothes do not have to be school uniform, just something comfy and practical, such as leggings and a long-sleeved T-shirt, pants and socks.


If all items of clothing, as well as the PE bag could be named please! You can send these in this week or next, Thank you! LK

A leaflet with information about Forest School

Reception (Class 1) is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage. We work from the same framework as your child’s nursery or preschool. If you are unsure about this or would like information about the end of year expectations then please take a look at the ‘Supporting your child in class 1’ page. The Reception Baseline Assessment is a literacy and numeracy activity that will be completed one to one over the first couple of weeks. If you would like more information about this, then please do ask.