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What are we doing this week?

Monday 28th September- Friday 2nd October


This week we are starting to follow the White Rose Maths curriculum for Reception. White Rose Maths have put the curriculum online just in case the children have to have 'Home Learning' sessions, either because of government restrictions, illness, developing Covid19  symptoms & waiting for test results or self isolating; see the link below.


We will be watching their short videos every day in class so that the children get to be familiar with the online teacher, Miss Cooper, who can carry on teaching your child if they are unable to attend school. Our classroom activities will help to embed the learning and vocabulary that the children have been introduced to, and there is a daily home learning follow up activity to download at home too, for further consolidation.


The White Rose Topic for the next two weeks is called 'Just Like Me' and involves matching, sorting and comparing; shapes, sizes, capacities and lengths.

Miss Cooper will be helping teach your child maths!

Monday 21st September-Friday 25th September


This week we are starting our daily 'Letters and Sounds' lessons. In the lesson the children are introduced to a new sound every day; they practise hearing and saying the sound; as an initial sound and in 2 or 3 letter words. We use the technique 'My turn, your turn' -the teacher models and the children repeat the sound and words segmented into separate sounds, known as 'Fred Talk') We also practise 'taking words apart' and 'putting them back together' using a fist action. (I can demonstrate these techniques to you at pick up time!)


Every day previously taught sounds are reviewed so that they children quickly build them up into 'Speed Sounds'. The sounds are 'pure' sounds; for example we say 'mmmm' not 'muh'. We practise saying words that start with the sound, emphasing the initial sound; as a 'bouncy' letter; a-a-a or a 'stetchy' letter ssssssssssss.


The sound (phoneme) is associated with a letter (grapheme) and a picture that resembles the shape of the letter-a phrase is said as we form the letter, in the air, in a sand tray and on paper. The picture and phrase serves to remind the child of both the sound and the letter formation.


There is a lot of information on our 'Supporting your child in Class 1' about early reading.


The pace of learning is rapid, and the children will soon move on to blending and segmenting sounds to read and write words. You can really help with this by following up each lesson with a little practise at home-please see page on 'Homework' for more details.


Monday 14th - Friday 18th September


On Monday we will review our 'Rainbow Challenges' from Week 1; everyone who has had a go at all six challenges will receive a gold coin, as we all know there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!


Now that the children have had a chance to explore the learning environment, they can return to activities, select and use resources and return them to the right place when they have finished using them.


New challenges will be introduced throughout the rest of the week, with a focus on assessing skills in Maths (careful counting of objects) and Literacy (awareness of rhyme, alliteration & letter sounds).


This week we will think about how we are all unique, with different features, interests, skills and families. We will think about all the things we have already mastered and learned since we were born. Please would you email a photo of your child when they were a baby, if you haven't already sent one, thank you!


We will find out what the children already know and understand about our topic 'Water'; and think about what we would like to find out.

Rainbow Challenges w/b 14th September

Monday 14th September 2020


The children can be dropped off every morning between 9 and 9.15am; if they have an older sibling in Class 2 then they can come in together. Mrs Bailey-Smith will be at the gate to greet them. If they do not have a brother or sister to come in with then they can come in with a friend or a buddy that they meet at the gate. They will walk around to the rear of Class 1 to follow the morning routine.


Picking up timings: You will always collect from the gate to Class 1's outdoor area.


Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th between 12-12.15pm


Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th between 1-1.15pm


Friday 18th (and every day thereafter!) between 2.45 and 3pm



Monday 7th September 2020


The big day has arrived!


This week you will be given a lunch order form to order packed lunches for next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, as well as for the following week. If anyone wishes to provide your child's lunch from home instead of ordering from our caterers, please would you make sure that there are no products containing nuts, or traces of nuts, in the lunchbox as one of the children in Class 1 has a nut allergy. Please would you talk to your child about the importance of not sharing food with any other child too? Thank you!


We will practise the hand washing song every day and begin to learn Supervakey's song about being a 'Super Learner'; the words are included in the power-point below and it is sung to the tune 'What shall we do with the drunken sailor'!


Here are the 'Rainbow Challenges' and learning activities that will be introduced during the week. 

Induction Week Monday 7th-Friday 11th September


Your child will be attending school for a 2 hour induction session every day. They will be supported by their buddy from Year 1 in settling in to life in Class 1. They will learn about the morning routine; what they will be expected to do independently the following week. 


The children will have the opportunity to explore and play in the different ares of the classroom, indoors and outdoors; to select and use resources and to return them to the right place when they have finished with them, or at tidy up time. They will begin to get to know each other and the layout of the room, including the toilet. Please help your child to be independent with toileting and hand washing. However, there will be explicit teaching of good hygiene procedures in school.


We will observe and chat with the children to get to know them better. We will share stories, songs and rhymes and games that help us to get to know each other too.