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What are we doing this week?

Summer Term 2 Week 1 7-10th June

This week we will reflect on the events of the Platinum Jubilee and the life of our queen, Elizabeth II. 

We will count in 10s and listen to the music of the decades since the coronation in 1953, and look at how the queen has changed over time. Our activities will be based upon planning our own Class 1 street party at the end of the week. In Maths we will look at our coins, sorting and describing them. 

Summer Term 1 Week 2 3rd-6th May


Hopefully, the little people are visiting us this week - elves and fairies, who may even send us some letters!


Supervakey has been on a mission to collect some eggs from the farmyard, to put in our incubator, and we will begin to count down to hatching day, if the muddle-up fairy hasn't put the numbers to 20 in the wrong order!



Summer Term 1 Week 1 25th-29th April

This week our focus will be on our garden and nature areas, clearing the weeds and beginning to plant seeds. 

We will learn about Errol, who lives in a big city, and compare his roof garden to our own. We will learn how 'God's tiny creatures' help plants to grow, and through the traditional tale 'The Enormous Turnip' we will think of synonyms for 'big'. As we are thinking about life cycles, and will look closely at the stages of a dandelion plant. The paintings of Vanessa Cooper will inspire our own nature studies.

 Literacy & PhonicsMaths Topic
MondayErrol's Garden  ow brown cowDoubling  Gardens
TuesdayBugs/A bad Fox guided readingSymmetryMinibeasts 
WednesdayBugs/A bad Fox guided reading 2Doubling & SymmetrySpring at Forest School
ThursdayThe Enormous Turnip  ea cup of teaDoubling & SymmetryThe life cycle of a dandelion
FridayMy dream garden writing compositionMuddle up FairyRE/JIGSAW Family Tree


Dandelion life cycle animation

The Gigantic Turnip

The Gigantic Turnip By Aleksei Tolstoy and Niamh SharkeyPublished by Bearfoot Books in 1998

Spring Term 2 Weeks 3 & 4

We have been learning about Antarctica, the coldest place on planet Earth, as a penguin with a suitcase has turned up in our home corner! We have found out about the recently discovered ship, The Endurance, from Shakleton's great adventure over 100 years ago. We have found out that it is the male Emperor penguin who looks after the egg, and newborn penguin chick.

In Maths, we have been exploring ways of making 10, using a ten frame or Numicon shapes. In guided reading we have been applying our letters and sounds to read the storybooks 'Scruffy Ted', 'Stitch the Witch' or 'Pin it on'.

This week we are learning about Handa, a little girl from rural Africa, and discussing how her life is similar or different from our own. 

Our storybooks for this week are 'We can all swim' and 'Tab the cat'. In Maths we will learn about the 'Whole-part-part' model for representing how numbers are made up of other numbers.

HANDA'S SURPRISE Picture Book Animation

Intended for educational purposes. Copyright belongs to RIC Publications

Watch the Story and retell it in your own words by sequencing the pictures-remember to describe the fruits!

How to use the part whole model

In this video, we explain the basics to using a part whole model. This is a method of finding ways to partition numbers into 2 parts. It's perfect for develo...

Use any small counting objects to explore numbers using this model

A song to sing this week-The Melting Song

Spring Term 2 Week 2

Our World Book day on Friday was a lovely day and has helped us to be ready to embrace all things wild, including the weather! Please encourage your child to observe and talk about the changing weather and its effect on us and the landscape around us.

 White Rose Maths Building 9 and 10Literacy and PhonicsTopic Work
MondayComposition of 9Noah's Ark ai soundWeather
TuesdayNumbers to 10 BingoRevising Set 2Wild weather around the world
WednesdayEstimatingRevising Set 2 
Thursday Lost and FoundWeather at Forest School
FridayComposition of 10Lost and FoundHomes around the world


Wild World 1 Rainbow Challenges

One World

The Recycling Song (Vocal).mp3

Use It Again (Vocal).mp3

Spring Term 2 Week 1 February 28th-March 4th 2022

As our week of activities based on our visit to the Chinese restaurant were cut short by the storm, the children will have the opportunity to have a go at these challenges this week, before we change the classroom environment in line with our new topic, 'Wild World'. 

 Maths White Rose Building 9 & 10 Week 1Literacy & Phonics 
MondayReviewing 6,7,8Reviewing Set 2 sounds
TuesdayRepresenting 9 & 10Forming capital letter A
WednesdaySorting Representations of 9 & 10Forming capital letter B
ThursdayOrdering numbers to 10Forming capital C
Friday World Book Day Wild by Emily Hughes

We are learning to form our capital letters, to say the name of each letter and the alphabet. Later this term we will use our knowledge of alphabetical order to help us find information in non fiction books.

Spring 1 Week 7 14 February 2022

Last week saw the conclusion of our 'Dogs in Space' topic, with the visit of Stan to test out the agility trails and also with the exciting crash-landing of Laika's capsule on the playground! Check it out on our 'Photos' page!

Our focus for the last week of this half term is the Chinese Restaurant visit on Monday, which will help us to learn about how the Chinese community in this country celebrate the Chinese New Year. We will think about the features of our local area both on the journey to the restaurant , and, later in the week, when we have a walk from school.


We would love to set a holiday project for the children to send in photos of 'People and Places in the Local Area-more about this later in the week.


We have finished learning our Set 2 sounds and will be assessing the children this week.


In Maths we have been learning about addition as the combining of 2 groups; so any practice of this at home would be great!

Spring 1 Week 5 31st January-4th February 

As our Animal Adventures topic 'Dogs in Space' draws to a conclusion we will bring together all the new vocabulary and information we have been learning by using our 3D shape model rockets to invent a stories set in space. We are concluding all of the 'Rainbow Challenges' for this topic, including creating dances to perform in class, exploring digital light and sound and the sounds of a tongue drum. Our process art activities have produced some wonderful results which we can use to create solar system paper collages. Below is an MP3 of one of the songs we have enjoyed singing together, 'Space', to enjoy at home too. In gymnastics we have explored and practiced travelling movements, balances, jumps and landings as well as the bigger climbing apparatus. 


White Rose Maths

Growing 6 7 8 Week 2

Letters and Sounds

Key text of the week 'The Way back Home' by Oliver Jeffers

MondayWeek 2 session 1Mr Thorne does or 
TuesdayWeek 2 session 2Mr Thorne does air
WednesdayWeek 2 session 3Mr Thorne does ir
ThursdayWeek 2 session 4Mr Thorne does ou
FridayWeek 2 session 5Mr Thorne does oy


Space (If I had a Rocket)

Spring 1 Week 4 24th-28th January

This week we will explore the possibilities of where Laika, the first Russian dog cosmonaut, found herself, as she did not return to planet earth! We will think about the strange, alien creatures she might have met, and the strange, alien planets she might have visited. Our story, 'The Smeds and the Smoos' will inspire us, which will also help us to think about how we treat others who are different. Our 'Jigsaw' PHSE lessons 'Dreams and Goals' help us to develop the skills of setting ourselves a challenge, working hard towards a goal and persevering when things get difficult.


White Rose Maths

Growing 6 7 8

Literacy and Phonics

The Smeds and the Smoos

MondayWeek 1 Session 1 Representing 6Mr Thorne does ow
TuesdayWeek 1 Session 2 Domino sort 6 7 8; making 7Mr Thorne does oo
WednesdayWeek 1 Session 3 Ways of making 8Mr Thorne does 00
ThursdayWeek 1 Session 4 Pairs of representations 6 7 8Mr Thorne does ar
FridayWeek 1 Session 5 1 less than 6 7 8Mr Thorne does or




Spring Term 1 Week 3 17th-21st January

Please join us for our Reading Workshop for parents on Tuesday 18th at 5pm when we will demonstrate the Read/Write Inc methods for developing your child's reading. You will be able to support your child in getting the most out of the Read/Write Inc storybooks which are designed to develop confident, fluent readers.


We have been revising the Set 1 'Special Friends', or diagraphs, where 2 letters represent one sound. After this, we are teaching the Set 2 long vowel sounds. Homework to practice these sounds will start up on Wednesday.


We will be exploring and using the vocabulary from core text, 'Dogs in Space'-see document below for ideas to help your child use this in other contexts.


 White Rose Maths Alive in 5! Weeks 2 & 3Literacy and Phonics

How many hiding in the tent? Week 2 Session 4

Whole part part model Video guide

Number bonds for 5

Review ng Mr Thorne does ng

Reading 2 syllable words

TuesdayHow many hiding in the bucket? Week 2 Session 5

Review nk Mr Thorne does nk

Review Phase 2 'Tricky' words

Reading words with 2 syllables

Wednesdayheavier/lighter Week 3 Session 1

Mr Thorne does ay

ThursdayFull/empty Week 3 Session 2

Mr Thorne does ee

FridayCapacity Week 3 Sessions 3 4 5

Mr Thorne does igh




Spring Term 1 Week 2

This week we will begin our mini topic 'Pets in Space', and introduce our key text 'Dogs in Space' 

The learning opportunities and Rainbow Challenges are below. 

We will be introducing Read Write Inc guided reading sessions.

 White Rose Maths Alive in 5! Weeks 1 & 2Literacy and Phonics

Introducing Zero Week 1 Session 2 Numberblocks Zero 

Equal and unequal groups-sharing fairly Week 1 Session 5

Handwriting-Zig Zag Monster family

Review Long Ladder, Curly Caterpillar & 1 Armed Robot letters Review ticky words 'love' 'I' & 'my'

TuesdayComposition of numbers to 5-5 frogs Week 2 Session 1

Review sh and ch-see Mr Thorne below;

Review Phase 2 'Tricky' words

Reading words with 4 sounds &

WednesdayCombining 2 groups-on a bus Week 2 Session 2

Review sh and ch-see Mr Thorne below

Reading words with 4 sounds & 'Tricky' words

ThursdayComposition of numbers -3 groups Week 2 Session 3

Review qu and th-see Mr Thorne below

Reading words with 4 sounds & 'Tricky' words

FridayHow many hiding in the tent? Week 2 Session 4

Review qu and th-see Mr Thorne below

Reading words with 4 sounds & 'Tricky' words


Autumn 2 week 6

The Nativity Play will be a highlight this week. The children have been learning their own dances as well as those of others. They are beginning to sing most of the songs with more confidence, if not all the lyrics then the repeated choruses. Year 1 & 2 children have done well to learn their lines and hopefully with another dress rehearsal they will rise to the presence of an audience on Tuesday afternoon and and Wednesday evening and deliver a wonderful performance!

In class, our key text this week is The Owl Babies and the children will learn to retell it using a story map and actions, and with shadow puppets. We will conclude learning the Set 1 Speed Sounds, ready for assessments next week. Maths will focus on '1 more than' and '1 less than'  numbers to 5, shape pictures and sequencing events of the morning, afternoon, evening and night.

 Maths White Rose Maths Light & Dark Week 3Letters and Sounds
Monday1 more/1 less than

New sound ch

Mr Thorne does ch

Tricky word my

TuesdaySequencing the events of the day

New sound qu

Mr Thorne does qu

WednesdayShape Pictures

New sound ng

Mr Thorne does ng

FridayShape Hunt

New sound nk

Mr Thorne does nk


Autumn 2 Week 5

We have been comparing sizes-height, length and capacity, and solving problems involving measure through the learning opportunities and challenges based around the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. This week we will conclude these and then explore the 'Forest at Night'. 


'Into the Woods' rainbow challenges

 Maths White Rose Light & dark Week 2Phonics
MondayMaking 4 & 5 using double sided counters

New sound y reading & writing words with 3 & 4 sounds 

Mr Thorne does y

TuesdayExploring shapes of 4 & 5 with multilink cubes Numberblocks Stampolines

New sound z reading & writing words with 3 & 4 sounds

Mr Thorne does z

Wednesday1 more than Numberblocks 1 more than

New sound ch reading & writing words with 3 & 4 sounds

Mr Thorne does ch

Thursday Pantomime  
Friday1 less than 5 green bottles song

New sound ch reading & writing words with 3 & 4 sounds 

Mr Thorne does qu


Autumn 2 Week 4 

This week we are developing our 'Light and Dark' topic by going 'Into the Woods' with Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, thinking about diurnal animals, before exploring 'The Forest at Night' next week. Our visit to The Bird of Prey Centre on Tuesday will help to launch our topic work and new rainbow challenges.

 Maths White Rose Light & Dark week 1Phonics  Topic
MondayRepresenting 4Mr Thorne does j 
Tuesday  The Bird of Prey Centre Video
WednesdayRepresenting 5Mr Thorne does v 
ThursdaySquares at Forest School   
FridayMaking sets of 4 & 5Mr Thorne does w 


Autumn 2 Week 3

This week we will help the Little Red Hen to make bread and focus on the story as we were sidetracked last week with all our Diwali celebrations! Our role play area will be a Farm Shop where we can experience comparing mass and weight in a practical way using fruit and vegetables. The children have looked closely at 1p and 2p coins which they can use in the farm shop as well. Any experiences you can give your child at home involving weighing & measuring in cooking, and using money, maybe to earn by doing helpful jobs, would help consolidate their learning.

 White Rose Maths 1 2 3 It's me week 3Phonics and Literacy                  
MondayTriangles & circles   Weight & money in The Farm Shop

Mr Thorne does ck

revise all sounds ck and cvc words

The Little Red Hen Talk 4 Writing rap

Tuesday1 more 1 less 123  Problem solving in bread making

Mr Thorne does ll

revise all sounds ll and cvc words

The Little Red Hen Talk 4 Writing rap

WednesdayPositional Vocabulary Hide and Seek bears

Mr Thorne does ff

revise all sounds ff and cvc words

The Little Red Hen story map

ThursdayPositional Vocabulary Obstacle Course at Forest Schooltricky word go Sight word go
FridayBeanbag game -Composition of 3

Mr Thorne does ss

revise all sounds ss and cvc words

The Little Red Hen story map


Autumn 2 Week 2

Our Autumn Celebrations continue into this week, when we will celebrate Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light, and compare it to other celebrations we know. Having found out about the way people in Mexico celebrate 'The Day of the Dead' to remember their loved ones, and also why we 'Remember, remember the 5th of November' our thoughts will turn to remembering the brave soldiers on Poppy Day. Finally we will celebrate Harvest, and think about healthy food choices. Our story this week is a rap version of 'The Little Red Hen' and we will learn to tell it using actions and a story map.

As part of our challenges, we have tried hard in making moving skeletons, using different ways to connect card and learning how our joints move too, We have explored different instruments to represent rattling bones, and have created a firework dance in PE.


White Rose Maths Home Learning Link

Its Me 123 week 2

Letters and Sounds

Literacy Home Learning Links

The Little Red Hen

MondayRangoli PatternsHF word IHF word I
TuesdayComposition of 1,2,3shMr Thorne does sh
WednesdayComparing 1,2,3rMr Thorne does r
ThursdayNumber RhymesckMr Thorne does ck
FridayComparing 1,2,3llMr Thorne does ll


Autumn 2 Week 1 November 1st-5th

This week will see the start of our work on 'Autumn Celebrations', please see the Learning Prompts and Rainbow Challenges below. 


White Rose Maths It's Me 123 Week 1Letters and SoundsLiteracy Links
MondayConsolidating repeating patternsf  blending & segmenting cvc wordsMr Thorne does phonics f
TuesdayRepresenting 2; subitising 2e blending & segmenting cvc wordsMr Thorne does phonics e
WednesdayRangoli patternsl blending & segmenting cvc wordsMr Thorne does phonics l
ThursdayConsolidating repeating patternsHF word aThere was an old lady who swallowed a fly
FridayRepresenting 3; subitising 3h blending & segmenting cvc wordsMr Thorne does phonics h



Week 7 18th-21st October

Our story this week is 'The Sea Monster' to inspire creativity and develop vocabulary. Here is a video of a teacher reading it. The Sea Monster by Chris Wormell. We will use the story to introduce the 'Story Toolkit' to the children, which is a play based approach to creating and writing stories. 

In Maths we will apply our knowledge of repeating patterns in different ways, and in phonics we will cover the sounds k, u, b and f.


Week 6: 11th-15th October

Our role-play journeys by train have brought us to the seaside! We will share illustrated books with a sea setting and use these to inspire our own artwork, exploring how to mix different shades of blue and green, and different marks to create waves, ripples and sparkling seas. We will be learning the clapping rhyme 'A Sailor went to Sea' and another poem about apples from 'The Poetry Basket'. The poems we will learn this term are from the booklet below. Have you followed the link to Mt Thorne does phonics?

 White Rose Maths Just Like me week 3Letters and SoundsLiteracy Links
MondaySimple repeating patterns using natural objectspMr Thorne p sound
TuesdaySimple repeating patternsgMr Thorne g
WednesdaySimple repeating pattern-spot the mistakeoMr Thorne o
FridaySeasons and birthdayscMr Thorne c


The Poetry Basket Autumn Booklet

The Train Ride Rainbow Challenges

Week 5: 4th-7th October

Our new Rainbow Challenges are based on the topic 'Home and Away'. We will be planning a role play journey and making models of homes and vehicles. In Maths we will look at measures, comparing sizes, heights and lengths. We will retell the story of The Train Ride, using the sung version and actions, recreating the journey with small world resources and drawing the map of the route. Some of the vocabulary from the story to explore: 'a mare and her foal' - can you think of other male and female animal words, and their young?  'A gaggle of geese' - can you think of other collective nouns for groups of animals? We will learn some new sounds, begin to read some simple cvc words and practise our letter formation.

Mondayd                      Comparing sizes
TuesdaytComparing amounts
Wednesday iComparing heights
FridaynComparing lengths


Week 4:  27th September - 1st October 2021

We will be completing our first set of 'Rainbow Challenges' (see below). Have a chat with your child about how they got on with them. For every completed lolly-stick rainbow a gold coin is awarded. When a child has collected 5 gold coins they can trade them in for a gold chocolate coin! 

Our next set of challenges will be based on the topic 'Home and Away', which will launch on Tuesday with our trip on the train. We will think about our homes about reasons for journeys. We will look at how vehicles in the past are different from today, with the help of our key text 'The Train Ride' by Julie Crebbin.

Now that the baseline assessments are (almost) finished, and the children have settled in, we will begin our teaching and learning in Maths and Literacy. We have a short whole class Maths session every morning and our 'Letters and Sounds' session between break and lunch. We will be covering the sounds (phonemes) m, a, s & t and using them to read some simple CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words like sat and mat. See this link Guide to vowels and consonants There will be a ‘Write dance’ session (pre writing movement activities), and we will begin to attempt to write these letters (graphemes).



White Rose Maths Link Just Like Me Week 1                                                                 


Literacy Links                                                                   

MondaymMatching pairs of socksMr Thorne m
TuesdayThe Train RideEvery day language of time & distanceLovely version  by Mr Wurly
WednesdayaMatching shape & size of buttonsMr Thorne a
ThursdaysSorting natural materialsMr Thorne s
FridaydSorting buttonsMr Thorne d

On Monday we will send home a red homework book to consolidate the sound introduced in school. Please return this every day so that the next sound can be added. This week your child will have a story book without any words to share at home. Please model how to tell the story in your own words, using complete sentences. Later in the week see if they can have a go at telling the story, and scribe it in their reading record. For other home learning ideas see the links above.

Week 3 20-25th September

This week is the children's first full time week in school. They will be very tired so will probably need early nights to help!

We will be introducing our 'Rainbow Challenges' to the class, and they will work towards collecting their coloured lolly sticks to create a rainbow and reach the 'Proud Cloud'. Our first 'Purple' challenge is for them to remember the morning routine with very little prompting from us; let's see how independent they can be!

The week has a focus on Nursery Rhymes and number rhymes, and our key text is 'Little Lumpty'.


Week 2 Story and words

Our key text for the week was 'Mr Big' a jazz pianist gorilla who had no friends; he was so big that he frightened everyone away, and inside he felt very small. He was very lonely until he bought a piano and his music drifted out of his window around the town. He recieved an invitation from other musicians to play in a band in the jazz club, and then he wasn't alone or lonely anymore! We have been encouraging the children to play together, to be friendly, to incude everyone.We have paired them up to be a 'Learning Partner' with a new friend.

Induction Week 2 13th-17th September

This week we will meet together as a whole class on Monday morning. The children can come in between 8.40 and 8.55am with a friend, sibling or buddy and we will be there to help them with their morning routine. On Monday and Tuesday please collect your child at midday. On Wednesday and Thursday please collect at 1pm and on Friday at 3.15pm.


We will continue to get used the resources, routines, rules and expectations of the classroom and school, and continue to get to know each other.


On Thursday please can your child come to school in PE Kit; they will not need a uniform.

On Friday please can they wear their Forest School clothes to school, and bring a bag with trainers in (rucksack or large shopper bag). They will put their waterproofs and wellies in this after a morning of Forest School.


Please bring their coat, book bag and water bottle every day. Thank you!


Week 1 Stories and Words

Our Focus texts were 'The Colour Monster' and 'The Colour Monster goes to school'. These books help us to understand our feelings, including the mixed up feelings we have about staring school. We have thought about feeling happy, sad, calm, angry and frightened, and how these feelings are represented by the colours yellow, blue, green, red and black. To extend our vocabulary we thought of other words for these emotions, such as cheerful, miserable, relaxed, furious and worried. These words will be revisited through the year as we share stories and empathise with others.

We were using the language of greetings and partings; saying 'hello' and 'goodbye'.

We learned the nhs handwashing song and used the vocabulary palms, knuckles, thumbs, rinse as well as naming other body parts in the song 'heads, shoulders, knees and toes'.

Induction Week Monday 6th-Friday 10th September


Your child will be attending school for a 2 hour induction session every day. They will be supported by their buddy from Year 1 in settling in to life in Class 1. They will learn about the morning routine; what they will be expected to do independently the following week. There is a Power-point presentation below to share with your child.


The children will have the opportunity to explore and play in the different areas of the classroom, indoors and outdoors; to select and use resources and to return them to the right place when they have finished with them, or at tidy up time. They will begin to get to know each other and the layout of the room, including the toilet. Please help your child to be independent with toileting and hand washing. However, there will be explicit teaching of good hygiene procedures in school.


We will observe and chat with the children to get to know them better. We will share stories, songs and rhymes and games that help us to get to know each other too.


Please can your child attend the induction sessions wearing their school uniform. We will give out school water bottles and the bookbags you have ordered, as well as any other items during the first week.

Morning Routines-please chat with your child about what they are expected to do when they arrive at school-thank you!