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What are we doing this week?

Monday 7th June

We will be rested and ready to go after our half term break; to start our next set of challenges based on the theme of 'Long, long ago'. With new learning partners we will create the world where our imaginary dragon might have lived, and write the instructions for hatching it's eggs. We will begin to transform our role play area into The Storyteller's Cottage' with resources to help us retell Granny's favourite stories from when she was a girl. We will be consolidating our understanding of 2D and 3D shape and applying our spatial awareness skills in constructing castles and fairytale cottages.

Monday 24th May 2021

After their first week of life the chicks have left us to live in their new home on a farm with lots of other chicks and kind auntie hens to help bring them up. Maybe next year one will supply us with a clutch to incubate! We have put Granny's visit off again though as our role play area has the resources to act out the baptism ceremony that we found out about on Friday. We have our school trip to the castle and our 'Mystery Egg' to keep us busy this week.

Monday 17th May 2021

Granny's visit had to be put on hold because the chicks have hatched out! Our home corner has to be converted into the chick nursery. We will learn to care for our new arrivals, read instructions for hatching them and write about the life cycle of a chicken. We will look closely and make observational drawings. On Friday we will learn about the special time in our lives when we are born, christened  and welcomed into the world.

Monday 10th May 2021

This week we conclude our 'Magic of Spring' Rainbow Challenges and prepare for our next unit of work 'Growing Stories'. We will be converting our home corner into the 'Storyteller's Cottage' and hoping granny will come to stay. She loves to tell the stories she knew as a child, but sometimes has trouble remembering them!


Our stories this week include 'The 3 Billy Goats Gruff', and we will be helping them to engineer a bridge across the river.

We will also listen to a version of 'The Ugly Duckling' and think about the message of the story.


We are counting down to the day our eggs will hatch-we even found a crack appearing in 'The Mysterious Egg'!


Our song for the Jigsaw PHSE topic 'Relationships' is 'The Seeds of Friendship' for you to learn at home too.



The Seeds of Friendship

Tuesday 4th May 2021

This week takes us into the bluebell wood where, every Spring, when it rains a Magic pond is made in the dell.

The pond creatures may come; let us see what we will find!

Monday 26th April 2021


Apologies for not adding the 'Rainbow Challenges' last week! Here they are; we have renamed this unit of work 'The Magic of Spring'

'The Magic of Spring' Rainbow Challenges April 2021

Monday 19th April 2021

This week we welcome back Mrs Bailey-Smith; I know she is looking forward to seeing all the children again. Our topic  based around the things we love about Spring will introduce a new set of 'Rainbow Challenges'-see below- and the children will now be able to display their rainbow lollysticks in a new holders kindly made and installed by Grace's daddy.


Our first fairy story of the term is 'Thumbelina' who was born in a flower! With the help of her fairy friends we will explore the natural world in our garden and nature area.


As we continue to wonder about 'The Mysterious Egg' our class superhero Supervakey is off on a mission to collect some eggs to incubate, so that we can become 'eggsperts' in hatching eggs.



Monday 15th March onwards

We will be concluding our topic work on wild animals and their habitats on planet earth over the next couple of weeks with the story 'Zeraffa Giraffa' and the poem 'The Tiger'; thinking about animals in captivity and animals facing loss of habitat or extinction. We may even write a letter to the Zoo asking if they will send us a pet to look after in class 1!


The children enjoyed their first rugby lesson and PE will now be every Thursday, not Friday, afternoon.


We are learning the songs from the mini musical 'Eddie the Penguin saves the World'; see below.


In RE we will share the story of Noah's Ark.


In Maths we will assess if any of the children need to consolidate learning from Spring term 1.


Before Easter I will carry out Read/Write Inc assessments to inform planning for the Summer term.



The Melting Song (Vocal).mp3

We're Great Big Polar Bears (Vocal).mp3

The Walking Song (Vocal).mp3

If You're Feeling Cool, Dress Hot! (Vocal).mp3

Trees (Vocal).mp3

The Recycling Song (Vocal).mp3

One World (Vocal).mp3

Monday 7th - Friday 11th December

This week in 'Letters and Sounds' we are completing the Set 2 sounds; the first set of long vowel sounds, and will be applying our phonic knowledge in reading and writing words, captions and simple sentences. We will revisit letter formation and begin to learn about the different 'families' of letters; please see the guide below.


Our Maths is focusing on numbers 4 and 5; representation and composition as well as counting forwards and backwards and understanding '1 more' and '1 less' than a given number. We will focus on shapes with 4 sides; squares and rectangles; and explore how shapes can be combined to make other shapes and pictures.


The children have enjoyed finding out about nocturnal animals using non fiction books and with the computer, and retelling the 'Owl Babies' in different ways. I hope you have enjoyed their retelling of the story at home using the pictures and actions.


As we conclude this set of challenges we will focus on the Nativity and preparations for Christmas. The children can post Christmas cards to their friends in our classroom postbox from Tuesday.


Our PE this Friday will be the sponsored run on the new running track around the Parish field; the children will see how many laps they can do in half an hour.



Monday 30th November-Friday 4th December 2020


Our key text for the week is 'The Owl Babies' and our 'Forest at Night' activities and challenges will continue from last week. We will look up into the night sky and wonder at the moon and the stars, just as the Three Wise Men did over 2000 years ago!


As the countdown to Christmas begins we will continue to think about the first Christmas and why we perform Nativity plays. Our Nativity play 'A Bundle of Joy' will be filmed over the next couple of weeks and will be available for you to purchase on a memory stick before the end of term. The songs for our play are below if you would like to sing them at home.



Poor Old Grumble.mp3

There's no room for you.mp3

We are Naughty Sheep.mp3

We've Got for You.mp3

Poor Shepherds.mp3

Very Important Kings.mp3

A Bundle of Joy.mp3

Monday 23rd-Friday 27th November 2020

This week we will go camping in 'The Forest at Night' after completing our 'Into the Woods' challenges; see the ppt below; learning to browse non-fiction books to find out information about nocturnal animals, investigating shadows through our story retelling of 'The Owl Babies'; using a story map and actions to help us. In Maths we will conclude our work in numbers 1,2 and 3. In dance we will learn about disco music (with our first Friday party) and in RE we will begin to learn why we perform Nativity plays.

Below are the music and lyrics for the Jigsaw song 'There's a Place' as well as the music that we have used for our Diwali dance; if you would like to learn these with your child-they will show you the moves!



3 There's A Place (Leading Voices).mp3

Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)

We copied and created movements to this music to tell the story of preparing for and celebrating Diwali-the Hindu Festival of Lights

Monday 16th-Friday 20th November 2020


This week we are going 'Into the Woods' with 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'; learning to retell the story by acting it out with friends, remembering the sequence of events and the patterned text, and using our voices to convey the characters.  We will answer comprehension questions, explaining our answers in sentences and we will think about the message/moral of the story and how it relates to our own experiences.


We have nearly completed Set 1 Speed Sounds, with just x, ng and nk left to learn; and we will focus on reading CVC words containing all the 'Special Friends' sh, ch, th, qu, and we will start to read word with four sounds.


We will be comparing in Maths; numbers, sizes, heights, lengths and capacities as well as using positional vocabulary.


In our JIGSAW lesson we will discuss families and how they are all different.

Monday 9th-Friday 13th November 2020

Our Autumn Celebrations challenges are continuing this week; the presentation below has been updated with the links now working!


We will be comparing the numbers 1, 2 and 3. 

This episode of Numberblocks is good to watch


We are focusing on rhyming words and texts; continuing a 'rhyming string' and finding words that do or do not rhyme. There is a Powerpoint activity and a rhyming string paperchain activity below for consolidating these skills at home.

The Alphablocks have several episodes about rhyming CVC words:


Forest School is on Monday this week; Our 'Sleepover' is on Tuesday-please bring in your dressing gown and slippers!

Remembrance Day poppies can be worn on Wednesday; 'Diwali' Day is Thursday, as well as the school photographer and PE is on Friday as usual.




Monday 2nd-Friday 6th November

Our introduction to our topic of 'Light and Dark' will involve activities and challenges linked to the various celebrations and special days that happen in the Autumn; see the presentation below with links to various video clips that we will share in class. This unit of work will is designed to help your child achieve part of the 'People and Communities' Early learning Goal and any experiences or conversations you have at home will help them too! A child will only really exceed at this ELG if they have a much deeper understanding of their own religion and culture and a knowledge and respect for other religions and cultures, so please inform me if you think your child has relevant experiences and understanding.


Understanding of the World ELG 13 

People and Communities (Expected): Children talk about past and present events in their own lives and in the lives of family members. They know that other children don’t always enjoy the same things, and are sensitive to this. They know about similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among families, communities and traditions.


People and communities (Exceeding): Children know the difference between past and present events in their own lives and some reasons why people’s lives were different in the past. They know that other children have different likes and dislikes and that they may be good at different things. They understand that different people have different beliefs, attitudes, customs and traditions and why it is important to treat them with respect.

  Letters and Sounds White Rose Maths
Monday Teach j reading 2 syllable words It's Me 1,2,3 Week 1 Session 3
Tuesday Teach v reading rhyming CVC words It's Me 1,2,3 Week 1 Session 4
Wednesday Teach y writing CVC rhyming words It's Me 1,2,3 Week 1 Session 5
Thursday Teach w & tricky word into reading a ditty   
Friday Teach th 'Hold a sentence' It's Me 1,2,3 Week 2 Session 1


Monday 19th-Friday 23rd October


Our final week of this half term will bring our 'Water' topic to a conclusion; we will finish our stories with a setting above or below the sea, and share the story 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' which addresses the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean. We will then focus on celebrating harvest; how water is needed to grow our crops, to think about the important work farmers do to provide us with our food. We will look at and explore with all our senses the variety of vegetables and fruits being harvested and how they form part of our healthy diet. We will help 'The Little Red Hen' bake her bread; this will be our focus story of the week.


Although the school cannot celebrate the Harvest Festival in Eldersfield Church we will thank God for the harvest through songs and prayers in school and you will be able to see videos of each class performing these on the website.


Don't forget the Zoom meeting on Thursday morning; I will email the agenda and joining details tomorrow.


I will be sending home your child's 'Learning Diary' for half term and also sharing their digital portfolio with you through OneDrive. I hope you will enjoy helping your child reflect on their learning so far; and if you could annotate any photos with their comments then I would love to know their thoughts!


Thank you for all your support this half term.



Monday 12th-16th October


Don't forget to return reading/story books on Monday together with your 'Home link' book; we will send more books home on Tuesday. If you could comment on your child's reading in the book that would be very helpful, and if you have used the green sheet for a follow up activity I would love to see it.


I will be sending an email about a Zoom meeting next week for you to join if you wish, so look out for the message.


This week we are finishing, revisiting and developing our latest set of 'Rainbow Challenges';  our final set of challenges for this half term will evolve mid-week and carry on into next week.


We will be off to 'Adventure Island' this week I will be introducing the 'Tales Toolkit' approach to story telling; more information on the 'What are we doing this term' and 'Supporting your child at school' pages.


Our letter sounds for the week are e, l, h, sh and r; we will be reading and writing CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant); our literacy will be based on stories with settings above or below the sea and Maths is all about repeating patterns.





Monday 5th - Friday 9th October 2020


We will be starting to send reading and story books home this week; more information on the 'Homework' page. 


Our 'Rainbow Challenges' are based around the theme of taking a journey to the coast-see below.


The children have been enjoying their hot school meals and we are encouraging them to use a knife and fork together; if you could help them develop this skill at home too that would be wonderful!

Monday 28th September- Friday 2nd October


Our key text this week is 'The Train Ride' by June Crebbin; illustrated by Stephen Lambert to inspire our next set of 'Rainbow Challenges'. We have enjoyed watching and joining in with a sung version; see link below. If you would like some follow up activities for home there is a set of home challenges below too.


This week we are starting to follow the White Rose Maths curriculum for Reception. White Rose Maths have put the curriculum online just in case the children have to have 'Home Learning' sessions, either because of government restrictions, illness, developing Covid19  symptoms & waiting for test results or self isolating; see the link below.


We will be watching their short videos every day in class so that the children get to be familiar with the online teacher, Miss Cooper, who can carry on teaching your child if they are unable to attend school. Our classroom activities will help to embed the learning and vocabulary that the children have been introduced to, and there is a daily home learning follow up activity to download at home too, for further consolidation.


The White Rose Topic for the next two weeks is called 'Just Like Me' and involves matching, sorting and comparing; shapes, sizes, capacities and lengths.

Miss Cooper will be helping teach your child maths!

Monday 21st September-Friday 25th September


This week we are starting our daily 'Letters and Sounds' lessons. In the lesson the children are introduced to a new sound every day; they practise hearing and saying the sound; as an initial sound and in 2 or 3 letter words. We use the technique 'My turn, your turn' -the teacher models and the children repeat the sound and words segmented into separate sounds, known as 'Fred Talk') We also practise 'taking words apart' and 'putting them back together' using a fist action. (I can demonstrate these techniques to you at pick up time!)


Every day previously taught sounds are reviewed so that they children quickly build them up into 'Speed Sounds'. The sounds are 'pure' sounds; for example we say 'mmmm' not 'muh'. We practise saying words that start with the sound, emphasing the initial sound; as a 'bouncy' letter; a-a-a or a 'stetchy' letter ssssssssssss.


The sound (phoneme) is associated with a letter (grapheme) and a picture that resembles the shape of the letter-a phrase is said as we form the letter, in the air, in a sand tray and on paper. The picture and phrase serves to remind the child of both the sound and the letter formation.


There is a lot of information on our 'Supporting your child in Class 1' about early reading.


The pace of learning is rapid, and the children will soon move on to blending and segmenting sounds to read and write words. You can really help with this by following up each lesson with a little practise at home-please see page on 'Homework' for more details.


Monday 14th - Friday 18th September


On Monday we will review our 'Rainbow Challenges' from Week 1; everyone who has had a go at all six challenges will receive a gold coin, as we all know there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!


Now that the children have had a chance to explore the learning environment, they can return to activities, select and use resources and return them to the right place when they have finished using them.


New challenges will be introduced throughout the rest of the week, with a focus on assessing skills in Maths (careful counting of objects) and Literacy (awareness of rhyme, alliteration & letter sounds).


This week we will think about how we are all unique, with different features, interests, skills and families. We will think about all the things we have already mastered and learned since we were born. Please would you email a photo of your child when they were a baby, if you haven't already sent one, thank you!


We will find out what the children already know and understand about our topic 'Water'; and think about what we would like to find out.

Rainbow Challenges w/b 14th September

Monday 14th September 2020


The children can be dropped off every morning between 9 and 9.15am; if they have an older sibling in Class 2 then they can come in together. Mrs Bailey-Smith will be at the gate to greet them. If they do not have a brother or sister to come in with then they can come in with a friend or a buddy that they meet at the gate. They will walk around to the rear of Class 1 to follow the morning routine.


Picking up timings: You will always collect from the gate to Class 1's outdoor area.


Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th between 12-12.15pm


Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th between 1-1.15pm


Friday 18th (and every day thereafter!) between 2.45 and 3pm



Monday 7th September 2020


The big day has arrived!


This week you will be given a lunch order form to order packed lunches for next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, as well as for the following week. If anyone wishes to provide your child's lunch from home instead of ordering from our caterers, please would you make sure that there are no products containing nuts, or traces of nuts, in the lunchbox as one of the children in Class 1 has a nut allergy. Please would you talk to your child about the importance of not sharing food with any other child too? Thank you!


We will practise the hand washing song every day and begin to learn Supervakey's song about being a 'Super Learner'; the words are included in the power-point below and it is sung to the tune 'What shall we do with the drunken sailor'!


Here are the 'Rainbow Challenges' and learning activities that will be introduced during the week. 

Induction Week Monday 7th-Friday 11th September


Your child will be attending school for a 2 hour induction session every day. They will be supported by their buddy from Year 1 in settling in to life in Class 1. They will learn about the morning routine; what they will be expected to do independently the following week. 


The children will have the opportunity to explore and play in the different ares of the classroom, indoors and outdoors; to select and use resources and to return them to the right place when they have finished with them, or at tidy up time. They will begin to get to know each other and the layout of the room, including the toilet. Please help your child to be independent with toileting and hand washing. However, there will be explicit teaching of good hygiene procedures in school.


We will observe and chat with the children to get to know them better. We will share stories, songs and rhymes and games that help us to get to know each other too.