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What are we doing this week?

Week 3 25th-29th September

We have introduced our 'Rainbow Challenges' to the class,(see below) and they will work towards collecting their coloured lolly sticks to create a rainbow and reach their 'Proud Cloud'. Our first 'Purple' challenge is for them to remember the morning routine with very little prompting from us; let's see how independent they can be!


Thank you for coming to the meeting about reading. Remember, in Class 1 we give out books every Tuesday, to be kept all week and returned with the completed reading record every Monday. Did you know that the more nursery rhymes that a child knows ay 5 years old, the more confident they are learning to read-see video below for singing at home together!


Our key Text this week is Not Now, Bernard by David Mackee.


We have made a start with our 'Letters and Sounds' and the children are doing so well in class and at home too, as seen in their red home learning book-thank you for your support!


If you would like to support them at home with their Maths, follow the link below to the White Rose Home Learning resources. We are starting the unit of work titled 'Just Like Me'-Week 1 which is all about matching and sorting.


We will be using the song below to help your children learn effective handwashing procedures. 

Supporting your child with reading meeting presentation

How to wash your hands NHS song | NHS

A child friendly song explaining how to wash your hands.

30 minute medley | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes | BBC Teach

Suitable for teaching 0-5s. A medley of some of the best-known British nursery songs and rhymes, animated and subtitled.

Week 2 18th-22nd September


The children were fantastic in their induction week, getting to know us, each other and the school routines and expectations. We hope they enjoyed their first week and are not too tired!


Our Focus texts last week were 'The Colour Monster' and 'The Colour Monster goes to school'. These books help us to understand our feelings, including the mixed up feelings we have about staring school. We have thought about feeling happy, sad, calm, angry and frightened, and how these feelings are represented by the colours yellow, blue, green, red and black. We will extend the children's vocabulary by thinking of other words for these emotions, such as cheerful, miserable, relaxed, furious and worried. These words will be revisited through the year as we share stories and empathise with others.


We also shared the story of 'Mr Big' a jazz pianist gorilla who had no friends; he was so big that he frightened everyone away, and inside he felt very small. He was very lonely until he bought a piano and his music drifted out of his window around the town. He received an invitation from other musicians to play in a band in the jazz club, and then he wasn't alone or lonely anymore! We will be encouraging the children to play together, to be friendly, to include everyone. We will pair them up with a new friend to be 'Learning Partners'.


We have been using the social phrases of greetings and partings; saying 'Hello', Good Morning, and 'Goodbye', as well as remembering good manners by saying 'Please' and Thank you'.


This week we carry on focusing on Nursery Rhymes and our key text is 'Little Lumpty'.


This week we begin our teaching of 'Letters and Sounds' using the Read/Write Inc approach. You are all invited to learn more about this at our reading meeting on Tuesday 19th at 5.30pm.


In Maths we are singing number rhymes to help with finger counting. Number of the week is Number 1 (see Number-block video below) and shape of the week is the circle.


In science this week, we will introduce our five senses and talk about how they help us to learn. In art, we are looking at our physical features and making a self portrait painting. In PHSE we will learn the word unique and talk about individual talents and interests.

🎹 Mr Big - by Ed Vere

His name is Mr Big and - no surprise here! - he most definitely isn't small. And with his scary size being the first thing others notice, will he ever be known for who he is inside? Listen to a lively read aloud of Mr Big, written and illustrated by Ed Vere.

The number one song|Numberblocks|Cbeebies


One day, the Colour Monster wakes up feeling very confused. His emotions are all over the place; he feels angry, happy, calm, sad, and scared, all at once! To help him, a little girl shows him what each feeling means through color.

Induction Week Monday 11th-Friday 15th September


On Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday your child will be attending school for a 2 hour 15 minute induction session in a small group, either in the morning or the afternoon. They will learn about the entering school routine; what they will be expected to do independently every morning.


The children will have the opportunity to explore and play in the different areas of the classroom, indoors and outdoors; to select and use resources and to return them to the right place when they have finished with them, or at tidy up time. They will begin to get to know each other and the layout of the room, including the toilet. Please help your child to be independent with toileting and hand washing. However, there will be explicit teaching of good hygiene procedures in school.


We will observe and chat with the children to get to know them better. We will share stories, songs and rhymes and games that help us to get to know each other too.


We will meet together as a whole class on Thursday, and the children will need their PE kits.


On the afternoon of Friday 15th, we will have our introduction to Forest School session, and the children will need their Forest School bag- a big supermarket shopper is the best!