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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let Mrs Rowberry know! She would love to see what you are doing, please email [email protected]  Thank you!

Week beginning 6th July 2020


Hi Everyone, 


Hope you've all had a great week. This week and next we are getting ready to welcome back some of the Year Twos and I can't wait to catch up with you all so keeping my fingers crossed that you can all come in for your session. Mrs Gibson and I have tidied out your trays so will send home anything that was left in school that you can have. Please put these bags somewhere for at least 48 hours before you open them. 


Year Ones this week we are doing an instruction text on growing things, which I know you are all experts on so I'm expecting great things smiley. Year Twos you are continuing with The Odyssey, I'm excited to find out what happens next on this adventure. I have put the links to the Oak National Academy schedule below. 


The messages I have had over the last few weeks have filled me with pride, you are all working so hard and staying so positive. I am glad we are heading towards the summer holidays now I'm sure a some of you will continue with learning activities but know that some of you are looking forward to the break, even if the holidays will be different this year. 


Don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything or have any queries. Have a great week.

Love and hugs


Mrs Rowberry x

Ths week at home ...

Week beginning 29th June 2020


Hello Everyone, 


It was so good to catch up with so many of you this week with our Zoom meetings. I can't wait to see you all in person and find out how you're getting on. Thank you for the photos as well, I have seen some great examples of writing as well as more of the fun activities you have been doing. 


For those of you using Oak National Academy I have gone through the maths worksheets and put them into one document to make it easier for you to access. For the Year Twos I have also copied the non-chronological report into a separate document so it easy to reread again. I have been making a simple timetable for the Year Two keyworker children in school to access so have also uploaded this, I hope it's of some use to home learners. Handwriting sheets are available too but I have had to load a selection for Year Ones to cover all the different graphemes (letter patterns) for the phoneme (letter sound) this week.


I have been busy painting the 'cupboard of doom' this week to a fantastic shade of blue and I'm going to change the doors into a 'science sky' so keep your eyes peeled when you come back, for the science we will be learning about and key questions and vocabulary.


Hope you all have a great week and fingers crossed to see you soon,

Love and hugs,


Mrs Rowberry x


This week at home...

Week beginning 22nd June 2020

Hi All, 


Hope you've had a great week and most of you have received the information about Zoom meetings that will be held later on in the week (Year Ones in school won't have received these so please don't worry). The children in school have been brilliant and coped so well with the changes that have been made. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the families who helped prepare the chldren, who have taken these changes in their stride and worked brilliantly. They are demonstrating good understanding of social distancing and have been amazing at washing their hands regularly and thoroughly.


It has been great exploring Oak National Academy and hearing how much you have been enjoying it. I am really enjoying exploring the Year One texts and looking forward to helping this group with Bob, Man on the Moon, while Year Twos are continuing their activties on The Odyssey. What an exciting tale it is! In maths Year Ones continue work with money while Year Twos are using column addition to add and subtract.


When not in school and planning I have been busy in the garden. Sadly we have lost lots of our apples but the few that are left are getting bigger and my courgettes are starting to develop. The only strawberry  was allowed to try was really sour but one was missed when the plant was stripped earlier. My beans also continue to grow brilliantly and the flower is tarting to set and open so fingers crossed for lots of runner beans soon. I'm hoping ths week's heatwave will do all my plants more good especially after all the showers last week.


Don't forget to keep your eye out for Mr Dixon Gough's emails and the school newsletters which will keep you up to date with all developments in school.


Take care and hope to see you soon

Mrs Rowberry x


This week at home ...

Week beginning 15th June 2020

Hi Everyone, 


What a week it has been! it has been so amazing to see so many of you, some in person and some via Zoom. Thank you for all the lovely messages and comments we have received through emails and at the school gate. The positivity really lifts us and helps us all get through lockdown. 


Year Ones this week we will be following Week 7 on Oak National Academy. Our English will be based on the text of The Very Noisy Night. I have found the full version on YouTube so you can link to this to hear another version. Maths is based on money, although we practised this earlier on during lockdown it will be good to revisit. For the Amazing Antelopes and Boisterous Bears I will deliver the lessons for Monday and Tuesday and then ask that you complete Wednesday to Friday at home, the activities include using exclamation marks and writing a story and continuing recognising and comparing coins, notes and amounts. 


Year Twos finally you are starting the text The Odyssey, keep pausing the video and reading and rereading the text. It is a really exciting story with lots of twists and turns. I have popped on some handwriting sheets that complement the spellings that ONA uses, some words are different but this was the closest I could find for you. The maths sounds tricky, exploring equations, but it is just teaching you the best way to solve number sentences selecting the most efficient method. Think very carefully and take your time, these are important skills to practise and develop. Remember if you want extra lessons you can select foundation subject lessons from Year One or Year Two. 


With most of the Year Ones in school for part of the week I haven't had many photos this week so Year Twos it is falling to you to keep this up. We have enjoyed sharing these in school. We are hoping to do another Year Two Zoom next week and will let you know when once the dates are confirmed.


Keep up the hard work and even more important keep having lots of fun.

Love and hugs,


Mrs Rowberry x



Week beginning June 8th 2020

Hello Class Two, 

Hope you've had a fabulous week although the weather has changed quite a bit it is good to have a change of some cooler weather and the gardens really needed some rain. I've had some fantastic photos from some of you this week, the updates always make me smile and it is great to see you are doing so well at home. 


Things are changing a little this week with the return of some of the Year Ones to school. We will for this week not use Oak National Academy so that we can get settled in with new routines and the ways we can be in school safely. However for those Year Ones staying at home you may want to continue exploring the site. If you do I would recommend either week 4 or 5 and then begin week 7 next week when we begin to use this in class. The maths should revise some of the skills you have previously learnt in class. It was great to see some of you online this week to but we can't wait to see you in person.


Year Twos there has been a change to the Oak National Academy, which we are trying to get some answers for. I am sending through some letter writing activities for you to explore. The maths is linked to measuring still and exploring capacity and volume. Mrs Gibson and I would love to catch up with you a bit more so later on this week I will send out some emails to your grown ups about taking part in a Zoom meeting together. 


Keep up the effort you have been showing, hopefully see you soon,

Love and hugs

Mrs Rowberry x




Week beginning June 1st 

Hi Class Two, 

As you may know there are lots of changes happening as things begin to get a little more 'normal'. Some of you may be coming back to school next week, while the some of you still stay at home. We are changing the way we set home learning activities and using the gvernment recommended website Oak National Academy. They set daily English, Maths and foundation subject lessons and are easy to work through at home and in school. I have sent all your parents an email explaining about the changes that are happening and Mr Dixon-Gough will be sending lots of information over the next few days.  

I have loved all the photos and emails you have continued to send me so a big thank you for brightening up my day. The skills that you have been developing are amazing and your resilience and determination to improve are fantastic skills to take through your lives.

I look forward to seeing some of you soon but want you all to keep up that 'best' learning behaviour, working and playing hard wink.

Love and hugs

Mrs Rowberry x

Update and Oak National Academy links

This week at home ...

piano composition.m4v

Still image for this video

Half Term Fun!


Hey Class Two, 


Officially it's half term this week and Bank Holiday Monday today. What beaustiful weather we are having! I hope you are all staying safe in the sun, remembering to wear sun cream and a sun cap. We have been out collecting elderflower to make cordial, it was a lovely walk, however Rio discovered fox poo to roll in so it was a very smelly journey home sad. Thank goodness I had finished trimming his fur so he was much easier to wash off.


We have been working hard in school to try and get the classroom ready for those of you coming back in the next couple of weeks. Therefore we are slightly changing this weeks home learning activities and reduced it down, but if there are activities you haven't completed from previous weeks you could dip into these too. 


Tomorrow I'm going to work with the key worker children to design and decorate their cobbles to start the snake off and I will put some spare cobbles by the school gate if you need to come and collect one. I can't wait to see how long and colourful the whole snake will be.


If your grown ups would prefer certain days for you to be in school I am happy to be contacted and will endeavour to give parents their first choice but it will depend on numbers, trying to keep the groups the same size. 


Stay safe, have fun and keep happy,


Mrs Rowberry x

How does your garden grow?

School potatoes
Class 2 sweetpeas
My runner beans and radishes
My strawberries
My apples are getting bigger
My tumbling tomatoes

Week beginning 18th May 2020

Hi Class Two, 


What a week it has been! I have added a new skill to my lockdown list which is 'dog groomer'. After lots of research and video watching I took the plunge and got out the new hair clippers and had a go at tidying Rio's fur. I spent 2 hours yesterday cutting his hair and only got part of the way down his body. My bin was half full of the hair so we put it out for the birds to use to line their nests but I can't see much difference. I'm going to try to do the rest of him this week. 


Pet care ties nicely in with our theme for this week 'Amazing Animals', lots of you have got pets and if you haven't I'm sure you have a favourite animal. I have chosen one of my favourite authors, Mick Inkpen, and his book 'The Great Pet Sale', I'm sure lots of you will know it but have popped a YouTube link on. Maths is focussing on directions, use the 'guide' sheet to help you learn left and right, clockwise and anticlockwise, there are lots of practical ideas you can do.


Thank you for your updates this week. I get so much joy seeing what you are up to and it always makes me smile and miss you all even more. Keep sending them in, I always try to reply to each of you that does. 


I'm lad the sun is coming out again this week although all my new plants need some rain and we are having to water them every night. I'm hoping to harvest some of my radishes in the next few days and need to put some canes in to support my bean, while the strawberries are getting really big but are still yellow. I will take some photos and share them with you next week. send me some pictures of how your plants are growing. 


Stay safe and keep your fabulous smiles up. See you soon,

Mrs Rowberry x


This week at home ...

Week beginning 11th May 2020

Hello Class Two, 

I can't believe where the time is going and how long since I have seen most of you. Thank you for the updates, your VE commemorations and celebrations looked fantastic. What an amazing tribute to all the heroes from the war! I have continued with activities based on heroes but developed it for 'Super-Heroes', because you are all super-heroes to me.


Our English activities are based around Little Red Riding Hood, I have added narration to the PowerPoint, with a little bit of help from Mr Rowberry, making his debut role as the Big Bad Wolf. I have given you some ideas you could use but feel free to develop your own ideas and do your own thing. In maths we are focussing on money, with recognising coins and adding amounts together, as well as finding change for a challenge. 


For those of you who like something practical to do the James Dyson Trust has released some challenge cards, there are over 90 pages so I don't recommend printing them off but selecting any you would like to explore. We would also like you to send in your favourite lockdown recipe for us to share with everyone, I think mine will be the gluten free banana and date cake Freya and I made, I'm sure lots of you have been using up old bananas in recipes.


Don't forget to check out Reverend Anthea's Open The Book assembly, it was lovely to see her taking us through this great activity on Friendship. 


Keep up all your hard work, stay safe, keep smiling and hope to see you soon,


Love and hugs

Mrs Rowberry x


This week at home ...

Week beginning 4th May 2020


Hi Class Two, 


Thank you for the emails and photos of what you have been up to. I love the lay flat photos in the gallery, I had a try but as you can see Rio kept jumping on me laugh. I have been trying to develop my computing skills and have had my first go at narrating a Powerpoint for you all on Place Value. Please have a look and listen to it. I'm going to try to put one together for English next week.


Our school project is all about 'Heroes' this week with some of the activities based around Colonel Tom, a real inspiration for us all. The English activities are based on 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' and there is an accompanying booklet to go alongside it. We will be looking at traditional tales for the next couple of weeks so maybe you could read any you have at home, try and find some on YouTube (with an adults help) or watch some on CBeebies.


Some of you have mentioned that you have nearly finished your maths packs so I have uploaded lots of ideas for you, including the Powerpoint, booklets and discussion problems. Keep practising your spellings and handwriting; form your letters carefully and look where the joins are if you are joining your handwriting. 


I think you are all heroes as you have been brilliant about staying at home and staying safe. I have attached Gloucestershire NHS's certificate thanking you for being amazing but I feel the same way.


Stay in touch, love and hugs,

Mrs Rowberry x



This week at home ...

Week beginning Monday 27th April 2020


Hello Class 2, 


I hope you had a great week last week, we all did here enjoying lots of birthday fun and giggles but I missed you all singing the cheeky version of 'Happy Birthday' to me. I hope you had a good time exploring some of the My Family activities, this week we are building on this to learn about My Home and Garden. 


In this mini topic you could be developing your geographical, artistic and scientific skills. There are some short writing tasks and we have linked the maths to measuring. Have you seen Captain Tom Moore on the television? He has inspired some of our activities. Maybe you could make a birthday card or poster for his 100th birthday on Thursday?


A big thank you to everyone who sent their rainbow pictures to Mr Dixon Gough, the gallery page on the website looks amazing and I'm really proud of all the ways you've been showing your appreciation for all critical workers. I would also like to thank everyone for the amazing emails I've been receiving. It is amazing hearing about your achievements and seeing all the fantastic things you have been doing while staying safe at home. 


Please don't hesitate to contact me with more news or if you want help with anything. Take care, keep smiling and have fun. 

Love and hugs

Mrs Rowberry x

Week Beginning Monday 20th April 2020


Hey Class Two,


It's back to working hard in our house and I hope you are too! It's also a birthday week as it was mine and my brother's yesterday, it's my sister's on Wednesday and Mr Rowberry's on Friday, we will be doing lots of staying in touch over the internet. I know it's important to keep the school work up but have some fun as well.


I have added the school learning project for this week below. If you have a brother or sister in school you may notice that they have similar activities, this is so you can work together and make it a bit easier for your grown ups. Mr Dixon-Gough has also written to your grown ups as we would like you to send in photographs of how you have been supporting critical/ key workers at your house. In our front window we have a rainbow light and some fairy light letters that say thank you NHS. How have you showed your support to all the important people helping to keep the country going during these strange times?


I have also popped on spelling/ handwriting sheets, you need to select the right one for you; left handed or right handed and Year Ones you have a choice of cursive (joined) or printed. If you can't print them off you could just copy them into your journals. Practise them in a fun way, there are some ideas below for indoors and outdoors. 


Maths this week is focussing on time, there are two booklets below. The Key Stage One booklet is suitable for all of you but Year Twos if you are confident with o'clock and half past and need a challenge that includes quarter to, quarter past and telling the time to 5 minute intervals you might be able to do most of the Key Stage Two booklet.


If you want anything extra the BBC have put some short simple activities on their website through Bitesize, there are a couple of errors on the pages but I think these will soon be sorted out. 


Keep sending in your photos of what you have been up to and I will keep putting them up here and send you a reply of you email me. I look forward to seeing more of the amazing things you are up to.


Stay safe and be good

Mrs Rowberry x

At my house

Apple Tree Blossom
What happens when the petals fall off?
Light it up
Thank you NHS and critical workers

What have you been up to ...?

Hi Class Two, 

It's week 3 already and officially the start of the Easter holidays which seems very strange as it's now your third week off school and learning at home with your grown ups. I hope you are continuing to set yourselves new challenges and take part in new experiences. I have been using my spin bike everyday and have completed my first marathon on it and now on my way to doing my second. I tried Joe Wickes but it made my knees ache too much smiley.

Mrs Gibson and I have been busy looking after the sweet peas you planted and we hope the will keep growing well and produce some lovely flowers. Mrs Gibson has also planted some potatoes for us in the raised beds at school so we can make something from them we return to school. My beans and tomatoes at school aren't doing anything yet but I'll pop on some photos when they start to appear. Have you planted your sunflower seeds? How tall have they grown so far?


It has been great hearing about and seeing the things you have been trying out and learning at home. What a brilliant dinosaur habitat was made! Keep sending me emails and photographs of what you are up to and I can post the photos on here for your friends to see and give them some ideas too.

I need to go and play with my dog, Rio, in the garden now as he keeps trying to jump on my lap, which is very tricky while I'm working n my laptop. I have popped some more activity ideas on below but I wondered if any of you could try and make a marble run but using an Easter egg. I'm going to do this with some of the children who are still in school. Let me know how they work. I have attached a booklet about the nasty virus below, see if you recognise the style of the illustrations, it explains what is going on in a simple way.

Take care and keep washing your hands,

Mrs Rowberry x

Coronavirus A Book For Children

Hello Class Two,

Well, we're in week 2 of school closure and I hope you are getting into a simple routine, I have tried here at home and some days work well but some don't! I'm looking forward to it getting warmer again so I can spend some more time in the garden and plants some vegetables to grow. I've got French beans, runner beans and saved some seeds from my favourite tomatoes to pop into pots and hanging baskets. 

I hope you are taking part in lots of different activities, there is so much out there at the moment it can become confusing but keeping busy saves you getting bored. If there is anything specific anybody would like let me know and I'm happy to find it for you from different resources I use. 

Below I have popped on a couple of documents with activity ideas, including STEM, Lego and things to do on your own or with someone else (suitable for different ages), I hope they are useful.

I look forward to hearing from you and finding out what you have been making, learning and exploring. 

Stay busy and have fun.

Mrs Rowberry x

Hi Class Two.

Well, it's week one of our school closure and I hope you are making the most of the sunshine and having time in the garden while still using your home learning packs. It would be great if you could complete a maths and an English activity each day. Your grown ups are really happy to help and can always email me with any questions or you can send me some photos of what you are doing, I'd love to see them.

In the next couple of weeks I will pop some more ideas up for you do, however, the BBC site below has got some great shows and then Twinkl have made resources to support these. They are definitely worth a watch, but not too many in one day!

Year Twos we were just about to start learning more about fractions so that may be a good place to start and Year Ones explore activities to do with measuring; weight, capacity, length and time. Remember your grown ups are your teachers now, so listen carefully to their instructions and follow their rules.

Have fun and see you soon. 

Mrs Rowberry x

School Closure Website Ideas

STEM to STEAM by adding in art!

Practical activities for Science and Art fun, click on the hyperlink within the pdf document to go to the relevant web page. A bit American but lots of learning to experience.

Please find below SATs documents for Year Two from previous years. These are end of year tests so please note that children have not completed the Year Two curriculum. 

All papers have been downloaded from .gov website, unfortunately the 2019 Reading paper 2 booklet is too big to load onto our webpage but anyone can get it from the .gov site if they wish.



In Class 2 our teacher is Mrs Rowberry and our teaching assistant is Mrs Gibson. We are in Years 1 and 2. We follow the Key Stage 1 part of the National Curriculum. Mrs Rowberry plans exciting and interesting lessons for us. The subjects we learn are:


  • English – reading [word reading and comprehension], writing [transcription, handwriting, composition, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation]. We use a selection of schemes and activities to help us learn our phonics, reading and writing development. 
  • Mathematics – addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, measurement, geometry shapes
  • Science
  • Art and design
  • Computing
  • Design and technology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Music
  • Physical education
  • P.S.H.E – personal, social and health education
  • Religious education



Home Learning

We believe we learn best when we work in partnership with parents. Reading at home, every night if possible, is a great way to improve your phonics ability and comprehension. Mrs Rowberry also send hoe regular English and mathematic homework These activities are very much based on what we have been learning in class. Occasionally we may send home an idea for an optional bigger 'project' to be completed, possibly over a half term holiday or a few weeks. Examples of these projects include make a lighthouse or a representation of your home using any materials or media you would like.

Autumn Term Overview 2019

WOW Moments

We always try to start and finish our English sequences of learning with a WOW in and a WOW out. These can include something appearing in the classroom to special visits or visitors.

James and Oliver from CBBC Pet's Factor

STEM fun

Very often, we explore these subjects through our topic work. Some of the exciting themes we’ve covered include The Great Fire of London, The Seaside and Treasure Island. Our classroom is spacious with room inside and outside for us to work, whatever the weather. We enjoy working hard on activities that can be put on display.


If you’d like to know more about our curriculum please do contact the school. If you come and visit we can also show you the curriculum maps we send home to our parents each term.

Testing our cars

Outdoor Education

We love Thursday afternoons when we spend time exploring nature in the school grounds. We look for changes in the seasons, make things and learn important skills such as how to work together.


Outdoor Explorations