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Welcome to Class 1

Welcome to Class 1 (Reception). I hope you all had a lovely summer.


Of course, this year will be a very important time in your child's development. In fact, it is going to be the foundation for their future learning; that's why it is called 'The Foundation Stage'. We will aim to work together with you as a partnership to make this year as smooth, happy and constructive as possible.


Please let us know if, at any time, there has been something to affect your child that may have an impact on their day. And if ever you have any questions or concerns please get in touch.


My email address is


We will invite you to join SeeSaw soon, which is also a good way to communicate, share photos and information.


You will find lots of information on the Class 1 page which I will add to throughout the year. The most important thing is for you to spend quality time with your child, talking, sharing books, counting and cuddling every day!

We deliver the Early years curriculum through topic work, You can find out more about this in the 'What are we doing this term? and the 'What are we doing this week?' pages.


Snack time

Every morning the children have a break in their activities to enjoy a snack and a drink. Milk is provided free of charge until a child reaches their 5th birthday. Milk, even if it is free of charge, can be ordered from 'Coolmilk'


Fresh fruit is supplied free of charge to all children in Class 1 and 2. Please ensure that your child brings in fresh water everyday in their labelled water bottle; they can help themselves to this whenever they are thirsty.



More information about lunch menus and ordering coming soon.


If you would like to know more or have any questions regarding absolutely anything then please keep up-to-date with the website and the Class 1 pages, talk to me through email, phone or at the gate and remember the important thing about school life is NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS!



Information for Parents - Reception Baseline Assessment