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Class 1

Monday 6th July 

Did you complete Miss Hugh's lessons are make a reptile fact file? I would love to see them. We found out that reptiles had many things in common with birds, that they are both vertebrates and both lay eggs, but some differences too. Whoever heard of a snake with feathers! But thinking of inventing mythological creatures of our own, a snake with feathered wings could exist in our imagination or in a story!


This week we will take a break from Oak National Academy to complete our mini musical 'Caterpillar Boogie', finish our topic work on the life cycle of the butterfly, and to do some assessments. But feel free to follow the links for ONA Week 10; based on the book 'Beegu' or Week 11 based on the book 'Supertato'; both are great texts for inspiring some independent writing. Maths for week 10 is all about measure; and for week 11 is calculating using numbers to 20. Also, the White Rose Maths looks fun this week based on the book 'The dinosaur that pooped planets'; definitely one to inspire some of the children in class 1!

Hip hop, hip hop here come the birds...can you guess who's who?

29th June 2020

We had great fun last week with our engineering projects and I hope you are enjoying learning the songs for the 'Caterpillar Boogie.' This week we will be learning about reptiles. The story of the week is 'The Crocodile who didn't like Water' by Gemma Merino and the ONA week to follow is 'Week 9' (dated 22nd June)

Crocodiles of the World visit in the Spring term

Oliver's Vegetables Twinkl resource-search for more if you need them!

Martha's postcard to Grandma after a sunny day in the pool!

Monday 22nd June 2020

I hope you have enjoyed writing you own postcards; I would love to read them!here are some picture of Millie's home learning.

ROSIE REVERE, ENGINEER; this week's story helps us to learn about the role of an engineer

Rosie's ideas don't always work out!

White Rose Maths-Zog addition & subtraction

Rafe's and Martha's Space Ball story maps and alien designs (great 2D shape ideas in your design Rafe!) Martha has made Daisy the alien with a bone moustache!

Monday 15th June


We had such a lovely week welcoming most of the Class 1 children back to school. It was lovely to see each other and even with the new rules and routines we had a lot of fun together. I know the hand washing song so well now I can even sing it in my sleep!


I hope you are managing to adapt the Oak National Academy lessons to suit your child; some love it, some are not so sure! But it will give us a structure to follow linking school and home for the next few weeks.


Toby has been inspired to carry on his learning at home; here are his 'Space Ball' storyboard and his 3D Shape Hunt:

Space Ball story map
Cubes and cuboids

Story of the week- The 100 Decker Bus

Have you ever been on a bus?
Maths activities based on 'Princess Mirror-belle'
including 3D shape
and spotting errors in patterns; and more...

The Brilliant Beetles show they care about their friends in other bubbles!

Arabella hopes you're good!
Eleanor sends her love.
Martha has her fingers crossed for you!
Franky sends you a friendly wave.
Elspeth is OK and hopes you are too!
Rafe can see you're OK too!

The Awesome Ants send their love from a distance!

Chris says 'I love you'
Millie says 'Good job'
Poppy says 'Hello'
Abi asks 'Are you OK?'
Maisie blows a kiss!
Fleurie throws a hug
Toby hopes you're OK!

Monday 8th June

We're back! Yipee! Looking forward to lots of smiles from Awesome Ants and Brilliant Beetles! smiley


As well as the Oak National Academy Maths lessons don't forget to dip into the White Rose Maths; creative activities focused around a story-last week it was 'The Snail and the Whale'; this week it is 'The Princess and the Wizard'.


The phonics in ONA is suitable for reviewing Set 1 speed sounds; so also take a look at the Speed Sound lessons from Read Write Inc which are scheduled in for next week at 9.30am. You can select to review Set 1, Set 2 or Set 3 sounds, words and spellings depending on which set your child needs to practise. The timetable for the coming week is:


Monday 8th June Set 1 - i     Set 2 – oo – look at a book       Set 3 – u - e Reading longer words – oo/ u -e/ ew

Tuesday 9th June Set 1 - n      Set 2 - ar             Set 3 – aw Reading longer words – or/ aw

Wednesday 10th June Set 1 - p        Set 2 - o r         Set 3 - are Reading longer words –air/ are 3

Thursday 11th June Set 1 - g        Set 2 - air Set 3 – ur        Reading longer words – ir/ ur/ er

Friday 12th June Set 1 – o       Set 2 – ir           Set 3 – er Reading longer words – ou/ ow

Information about returning to school this week

This week we are off to explore strange new planets far far away from our own solar system. We will be designing a planet and imagining what it would be like. The Smeds and the Smoos go in search of their missing loved ones and explore many unusual habitats on different planets. The story is the starting point for some great Home Learning activities for you, and your little brothers and sisters! 

The Smeds and the Smoos

Friday 5th June 2020

Here is the plan and resources you need for the Oak National Academy lessons for next week. They are the lessons from last week, Week 6, dated 1st June. Working a week behind allows me to watch all the lessons and get what we need together. I will do my best to deliver the content from Monday and Tuesdays lessons when your child is in school; if they are an 'Ant' continue with the rest of the weeks lessons. If they are a 'Beetle' I will teach the Monday & Tuesday lessons on Thursday and Friday and you can follow on with the rest of the lessons on the following Mon/Tues/Wed; if that makes sense? Good luck!

Weekend viewing-Playmobil explains about the Corona virus to children

Thursday 4th June 2020

Good to see you in your 'bubbles' today; sorry we missed some of you Ants and Beetles!

Amazing to meet up with the Awesome Ants
I'm buzzing about seeing the Brilliant Beetles!
Sending a sign to show we care to absent friends!

Monday 1st June


Welcome back to school! Next week I will see you again in Class 1-I am sooooo excited, and I know you are too! Tomorrow I will let you know if you will come in on Mondays and Tuesdays (The Awesome Ants Group) or on Thursdays and Fridays (The Brilliant Beetles Group). 

This week you are starting your lessons with my friends from Oak National Academy. I know Miss Hughes and Zara can't wait to meet you. I have made a plan of the week for mummy and daddy to look at to help you.

Maths resources of the week ( if you have no printer then handmade versions are fine)

2 songs to help get ready for next week

The 2 metre song; how could you measure 2m?
NHS Hand washing song; maybe design a poster?

Friday 29th May 2020


I hope you have had a lovely 'Half Term'. It's good to know that soon we can meet up with a friend on a walk or in our garden. I'm looking forward to my daughter Martha popping in for a cup of tea and a chat!


I would like to introduce you to two of my teacher friends who are going to help me with teaching Class 1.

Miss Hughes and Zara

Hello! I am Miss Hughes and I love stories.
Hi-I am Zara and I will help teach you with Maths.

Miss Hughes and Zara work in a school called 'Oak National Academy'--sounds very posh, doesn't it! They will help me with English and Maths lessons every day. Try out the lessons by following the link below; they are from 'Week 4' dated 11th May; the story of the week is 'Hansel and Gretel' and the first lesson is to design a sweet-yum!!


Each video lasts about 15 minutes, but you need to pause it to fetch resources and complete activities, so a lesson will last between 30-40 minutes. See how they best fit in with your timetable at home and let me know how you get on.



There are other lessons too; I would suggest Mrs Garrard reading a book to help your child understand the feeling of being worried, which may help them with transition back to school. If you have time you could watch the lesson without your child first, then watch the story together and help them with activity in your own way instead of watching it all on the screen.
The Worrysaurus with Mrs Garrard

Thursday 28th May 2020


Today I was in school with the children of the 'Key Workers'. Martha and her sister, Iris were very excited to see that the caterpillars were now inside their chrysalises! 


Still image for this video

Wednesday 27th May 2020


Yesterday I was in school with Mrs Bailey-Smith, doing lots of tidying up an cleaning in Class 1. We are taking lots of things out and moving things around to make the room perfect for when you come back!

A message from Mrs Bailey-Smith

Still image for this video
She is such a hard worker! What would I do without her?

Bubble fun! Make a 'bubble machine' and count how many you can catch!

Make your own bubble machine

You will need:

  • Disposable drinking cup with lid
  • Drinking straw
  • One tablespoon of washing up liquid
  • Half a cup of water
  • Scissors


  • Cut a small, round hole in one side of your cup – where the lid and the cup meet – this is to let the bubbles out.
  • Add the water and washing-up liquid to the cup and let children have a good stir with their straw.
  • Put the lid back on and place the straw in its hole.
  • Blow through the straw to make lots of bubbles.
  • Try making a small hole using a pin about half way up drinking straws. Although this will not affect the blowing, it will make accidently sucking liquid up much more difficult.

Tuesday 25th May 2020


Hello everyone; I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend; what lovely weather-we are so lucky!


Even though it is half term I will continue to add to our Class 1 page every day. We are working hard in school to get ready to open soon; the activities in the 'Half Term Fun' document will help you get ready for this. If you have lots of questions about the coronavirus situation then you could watch this video.

Look at our potatoes! We'll be able to dig them up and make chips soon!

Thank you Mrs Gibson for planting & watering them!

The Great Pet Sale (last week's story)

Still image for this video
Did you make a reading den? Please send a photo!

You've been amazing!

Half Term Fun Learning Project

Friday 22nd May

Today is the last day before 'Half Term'; some of you may have booked a holiday that you can't go on anymore, but you can still enjoy the week and have lots of fun outdoors. The weather forecast looks good for next week.


Do you know the book 'Each Peach pear Plum'? It is a rhyming text about lots of characters from nursery rhymes and fairy stories, I have written my own version of it and it's all about you, and how you have been sneakily spying on each other from a distance! See if you can read your friends whole names, and write your own whole name.

Each, Peach, Pear, Plum alternative version

I went back to the pet shop and the prices had gone up!

You will need 3 coins to pay now!

Which 3 coins do you need?

Thursday 21st May

I am sorry that I didn't communicate with you yesterday; I was in school with the children of the Key Workers and we did a lot of tidying up in the Forest School area; I was very tired at the end of the day!


Thank you to Martha for sharing a photo of you reading a 'Hairy Maclary' story to your little dog Tilly in your 'Reading Den'. Tilly looks very well groomed!  

I've been to the pet shop and grooming parlour to buy a few things for Stan

Can you read the prices? What 2 coins do you need?

Here are the coins you need; did you solve the problem?

Look at the hungry caterpillars now!

How many days has it taken for them to get so big?

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Today I am building my 'Reading Den' for Stan and me! I'll need a few sheets or blankets and some comfy cushions (some people call them Blanket Forts!). I might make it outside by hanging the sheets over the washing line to make a tent shape, or I might make it indoors using some chairs. My favourite pet character is 'Hairy McClarey' so Stan and I will snuggle up together and enjoy sharing some stories. 


Some ideas for your reading den

Paws to read!

Our Story of the week

Discuss the different animals in the story, would we find them in a pet shop in this country?

Think of some questions to ask different animals in the story.



Funky Fingers-make a 'rat' puppet to help read the story

Start with a circle; cut in half to roll a cone

Monday 18th May 2020


Hello everyone! Let's start the day with some movin' and a groovin' with Jack Hartman:

Exercise and rhyme time Monday workout!

Still image for this video

Check out this AMAZING animal-it's called a 'Stanosaurus'!

We are taking a break from our traditional tales and fairy stories to work on a animals/pets project. I know Ted and Eleanor are busy training Moss and Sid, and Maisie is looking after Benji the school rabbit. Arabella has double the number of guinea pigs she had when I last saw her; and all of you are sharing lots of lovely days with your pets. Your first challenge is to construct a 'reading den', indoors or outside; then find all you storybooks and information books about animals and share a story every day with your pet! (please send me a photo of your reading den)


Your Maths challenge is to make paper chain 'teen' numbers;Look- Elsa (or is it Elspeth?) has made a paper chain number line den from 1-30! Well done Elsa you're are a star ******

Amazing Animals Home Learning

What have you been up to?

Friday 15th May 2020


Have you made your plans for the day? Maybe make a timetable of the day; Share this story and see how Mr Wolf's day turns out! 

What's the time. Mr Wolf?

Make time to play...

Thursday 14th May 2020


Hi; today Stan has helped me again to make a short video. I think he wants to be a movie star!


You will meet some little puppet characters; they are made out of thin card and they are from the 2D shape-or flat shape- family. If you make your own and put on a show they will help you to be able to describe the properties of flat 2D shapes, using mathematical language. Strictly speaking the shapes have 'angles', not 'corners' so introduce that word as well!

Say hello to some funny faces!

Still image for this video

Wednesday 13th May 2020


Sorry, I am a bit late posting today-too busy chatting to some of you on Zoom!


The tiny caterpillars are in school and the children in school can report on how they are doing. If you would like some for home order them from the 'Insect Lore' website; you'll need live caterpillars and the net for the emerging butterflies, which is quite expensive but it is a lovely experience for children.


I hope you are not getting bad dreams about 'The Big Bad Wolf'; sometimes villains turn out to be heroes after all!

If you haven't made your 'WANTED' poster yet I have put one here for you. Remember to describe what he looks like and what kind of person he is. Apparently there is a policeman called PC Biddlecombe looking for him!

On your walk today you could pick some dandelions, like Red Riding Hood did for her granny.

Use your 'Funky Fingers' to arrange them like this
Some now have their seed heads.... could you make a picture?



In fact, there are lots of things you can do with dandelions!

You could save the white puffy dandelion heads in a jar, and use them all year round, either for special wishes or to bring a smile to someone who’s feeling down – blowing those dandelions will definitely brighten up a day! Some people use them to tell the time, as they blow the seeds away; rabbits love to nibble the leaves, and you can even use the sap to write a secret message!



Dandelion stages of development

Still image for this video

Recognize this hero and villain? if you fancy a new project try one of these books and the activities.

Tuesday 12th May 2020


Look what the Jolly Postman brought today!

Five tiny and very hungry caterpillars!

I wonder how big they will be next Tuesday?
Last week we met Jack, the hero, of the story. His mum described him as 'foolish'; but he was also brave and generous; can you explain how he was brave and generous? Our story for this week is 'Little Red Riding Hood'; hero of this story is a girl, or heroine. What kind of person is she? Lets find out.....

Read along with these different versions of the story of Little Red Riding Hood

Learning Activities week beginning 11th May

Monday 11th May 2020


I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend, especially any V E Day celebrations you took part in. It was a glorious day and I had a 'Bake Off' competition with my family.

I made 'cherry and almond scones' and set up a vintage tea party in the garden with bunting and an old radio to listen to Winston Churchill declare that the war in Europe was over; We even staged a 'Battle of Britain' flypast using Mr Kelsey's model aircraft!

Lancaster Bomber, Spitfire and Hurricane

Still image for this video

We played skittles with old drinks cans and an orange!

Set up 10 cans in a triangle like this.
Roll your ball and see how many you knock over!
Have another go to help you with your maths!
Here there are 4 still up and 6 down!
 Learn about taking away & number bonds for 10!

Friday 8th May 2020

Arabella's project to find out all about...
VE Day and how people celebrated in the past.
Millie and Archie have made a huge portrait
of 'Colonel Tom'- a true hero of the war and today
In school this week we have been making bunting and preparing for a VE Day tea party. We have been learning to sing the song "We'll meet again"; we even filmed a performance of it, dressed as today's key workers! 

We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when..

But I know we'll meet again some sunny day!
Keep smiling through just like you always do
til the blue skies drive those dark clouds away!

We'll meet again lyrics

Red, White and Blue scavenger hunt

Thursday 7th May 2020


I hope you have been practising your   Fee Fie Fo FUM's!

If you have made a story map and made up some actions you are ready to tell the story yourself! Use some toys or family members to help you. When you're really good at telling it then have a go at one of Jack's reading Challenges, Choose either the Silver of Gold challenge; there are 5 sentences to cut up and put in the right order. The giant bets you can't do it! We'll show him!

How to make a story map

Still image for this video
Jack and the Beanstalk Story Map

Have you all got a pegged number line 0-20 up somewhere at home? If not then now is the time to make one! In fact, number lines can be made anywhere, indoors or outdoors, so that you can use it to work out addition(adding) and subtraction(taking away) number problems by counting on and counting back.


.....and here is how to make your weather chart 'virtual thermometer' to find out how much warmer or colder it is every day, compared to the day before:

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Here's some Maths problems to wake up your brains!enlightened


Imagine there were 12 gold coins in the giant’s bag.  How many each would they have if he shared them between all the characters in the story…. (Jack, Jack’s mum, and the giant)? 

What if the old woman wanted some too?  How many would everybody get now? 

(Remember we share by giving out one at a time and saying ‘one for you, one for you, one for you… to make sure it is all fair). 

Feeling clever?  What if there were 24 gold coins?  How many would each character get now? 

What would happen if you shared the 12 or 24 coins equally between the people in your house?  Would it be fair?


If the hen laid 2 golden eggs every day for a week, how many would she have laid altogether? How many in a fortnight? (a fortnight is 2 weeks)

The giant's home was a castle in the clouds

Can you use 2D shapes...
to make a picture of a caslte?
Will you need rectangles, squares....
..triangles and circles?
Or make a castle model using 3D shapes?
You could use recycled materials..
.. or things in your garden!
It could have a drawbridge!
It will need strong walls with overlapping bricks!
Will you need cubes and cuboids?
Cylinders, cones or pyramids?
You could use it to invent a story of your owm!

Tuesday 5th May 2020

It was great to see many of you yesterday at the Zoom meeting, thank you to Elspeth's mummy for inviting me!

Maybe I could visit you all on Zoom next week, one at a time? What do you think?


I hope you enjoyed listening to the first part of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We were wondering what happened next?


Chris has invented his version of part 2 of the story:


…. Jack was scared of the Giant, so he ran out of the house and wanted to escape down the beanstalk.  The Giant woke up and saw the little boy running out of the house.  The Giant started running after Jack.  The Giant shouted, ‘Why did you enter my house without permission?’.  Jack said, ‘I had magic beans and they grew up to your house’.  Jack and the Giant became friends, and they hugged each other.


The Giant climbed down the beanstalk to meet Jack’s mum.  The Giant realised that they were poor, he helped by cleaning dishes and climbed back up the beanstalk to get his gold and let Jack have some.  They lived happily ever after.   The end.


In Chris' version the giant turned out to be kind and generous, and shared his gold with Jack and his mum. Let's see what happens in my version.......

Jack and the Beanstalk part 2

Still image for this video

Monday 4th May 2020


Hello everyone, I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on traditional tales and fairy stories. Our story this week is 'Jack and the Beantstalk'; you probably know this story well already! I will read a version of the story over a couple of days, and there are lots of activities for you on the 'Heroes and Villains' learning support sheet below.

"Where are you taking that fine cow"
A gigantic emerald-green beanstalk
He had to wait till the giant fell asleep
"Master, master!"

Jack and the Beanstalk part 1 read by Mrs Kelsey with Stan's help

Still image for this video

What do think Jack will do next? Part 2 tomorrow!


Try using and demonstrating some of the vocabulary from the story in other contexts, to help explore the meaning; such as


crumbling  dawdling  cackled  delved  massive  ogre  

Let's learn about 'counting on' at this party

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April 2020


As I have got the hang of converting videos that are small enough to upload, I couldn't resist sharing a story with you all!

Jasper's Beanstalk

Still image for this video

Have a go at reading it yourself! Mummy or Daddy might have to help you practise some of the words first:

  bean  Jasper   found    water > watered   rake > raked

    hoed   snail > snails   wait > waited   never   make 

late > later    giant

Do you know the difference between a slug and a snail?

Find out about the words ‘rake’ and ‘hoe’.

Can you explain what was wrong with Jasper’s care of his bean?

Have you spotted what book Jasper is reading at the end of the story?


Look at what your friends have been doing!

A song for Sunday

Friday 1st May 2020


'White rabbits!'

People say this on the first day of a new month, but I have absolutely no idea why they do!


So 'goodbye' April and 'hello' May; my favourite month of the year! I love to see the May tress all covered in white and walk along the footpaths and lanes edged with an abundance of cow-parsley. It really lifts my spirits!


So there is something else to change on your daily weather chart today.


As we are really good at saying, reading and ordering the days of the week, lets try to remember the months of the year in order! Some of you may know a rhyme or song to help you, but if you don't here is one that also helps us to hear the syllables in the words, Don't forget these are important words so they need capital letters!

The Months of the Year

Still image for this video
Watch this video to practise counting those all-important syllables and recite the months of the year at the same time. (Knowing how to break words down into syllables is so helpful when trying to spell longer words.)

We're going on a mini-beast hunt!

Will you find snails or ladybirds today?

Make some fact cards of your own or use these ones!

Thursday 30th April 2020

Happy Birthday Captain Tom! Gosh he has been alive for 100 years; he's 95 years older than you!

He will get a special salute today and a flypast by a World War 2 Spitfire at 8pm during the 'Clap for Carers'.

Here is a picture of some of his birthday cards; I can see Arabella's card in the middle!

Lets's celebrate his birthday with a boogie!

Captain Tom would have danced to this when he was 50 years old!

Still image for this video
Make circles with your arms outstretched at your sides; try above your head, out in front and any other way!

Can you keep a steady beat?



Still image for this video

Funky Fingers

There are lots of activities for developing fine motor strength and coordination.

Here's Fleurie concentrating on making a pompom and a guide to other ideas.

Funky Fingers

A Wow moment to share! Elspeth has learned to ride her bike with NO stabilizers! Well done Elspeth (and Elspeth's daddy!)


and a 'GET WELL SOON' message for Maisie, who has been very poorly. We hope you feel tip top soon!

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Our story for this week, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, will help with reading and ordering the days of the week. It's a bit tricky at the moment when every day is much like another! Still, I expect you still have family routines and do different things on different days, and completing the daily weather chart will help.


There's lots of activities you can do with this story, from retelling it in creative ways to writing a different version-possibly 'The Very Greedy Caterpillar'! 


I have ordered some live caterpillars for the class to come in May. 

The Days of the Week Poem

Monday; run day

Tuesday; snooze day

Wednesday; friends day

Thursday; think day

Friday; touch the sky day

Saturday; pitter-patter splatter day

Sunday?  have a bun, fun day!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Hungry Caterpillar Yoga

Tricky words and speed words

There are lots of fun ways for you to practice tricky words and speed words, such as chalking & squirting, hide and seek or by making an aiming game, as in the photo below. There are documents to print off to choose the right level for your child.Copy the words onto paper and hide them around the house or garden for them to find.

Tricky words and Speed Words

Tuesday 28th April 2020

Oh dear! What's happened to the weather? Your weather chart will look quite different today! It feels much cooler. Do you have a thermometer in your garden? Find out the temperature from it, or look at the forecast. Never mind, I will put on my waterproofs for Stan's walk!

This week in Maths we are thinking about symmetry; there are lots of ways to explore symmetry and I have put some ideas in the document below. You can search for further ideas on twinkl. Symmetry can help with understanding doubling and halving too, as in the ladybird and bee worksheets below. There are lots of symmetrical things in your house and garden-including you!

Ideas for investigating symmetry

Make symmetrical bugs and flower puppets

Fold paper and cut out half a bug or flower
The holes are symmetrical too!
Make them into stick puppets and make up a story!

Cutting on a fold- symmetrical flowers and bugs

Still image for this video
Watch me as I make the stick puppets for 'Bugs'

Read the 2 syllable green word with me

Still image for this video

Bugs 2 syllable green words

Bugs stick puppet show!

Still image for this video
I hope my show will help you read 'Bugs' like a storyteller! Stan has a starring role!

Monday 27th April 2020


Lets start the day with a happy dance and then check the weather forecast, to see if we can dance in our gardens later on today!


Still image for this video

Weather Chart-can you fill this in every day? Maybe make your own weather Chart?

Learning Project 2 'My Home and Garden'

Try a free e-book from Oxford Owl; or try the 'Reading Eggs' app- Toby & Ted love it!

Let's Create in our garden.....

..a home for minibeasts.
Great construction, Ted!
,,floating symmetrical flowers like Maisie; plants to measure!

Sunday 26th April 2020


Hello everyone!


I hope you're enjoying another sunny weekend; I have just got back from a 10 kilometre walk with Mr Kelsey and Stan. We saw lots of fluttering, delicate butterflies, heard birdsong and bees buzzing and we could smell the strong scent of wild garlic growing beneath the frothy white blossom of the hawthorn trees. 


Tomorrow there will be a new 'Home Learning' support sheet to help you at home and there will be something new every day here on our Class 1 page to help you too-so keep checking every day!


Here are some pictures from our project 'My Family' and your reading, writing and Maths; it's lovely to see your progress and share your work with your friends so keep sending them to me please!

Abi's Family Tree
Ted's Letters and Sounds
Chris' story
Arabella's doubles

Friday 24th April 2020


It was lovely to see many of you yesterday on Zoom to celebrate Martha's 5th birthday.

We were very good at singing together even though we were not actually together!

Maybe you could have another meeting sometime, and sing a different song!

I'm sure you all helped make Martha's day very special.


Thank you for sending in photos, especially ones of your rainbows to say thank you to all the kind people who help us. here are a couple from our class, and there are lots more to see on the 'Gallery' page.


Thank You Rainbows

Thursday 23rd April 2020



Wednesday 22nd April 2020


I am very excited that I will see you all tomorrow to celebrate Martha's birthday!


Half past nine on Zoom-see you then! xx

Well done everyone-our singing register worked!


Now we are back at 'home school' it's a challenge to get back into a routine again. Each of your timetables will be different so do the best you can and ask for help if you need it!


You will have received an email from Mr Dixon-Gogh outlining a consistent approach to learning support across the four classes, to make it easier for those of you with more than one child at school.


The document below 'My Family' has a choice of activities for you and your child, some overlap with those for their brothers and sisters. The topic builds on the 'Marvellous Me & my Family Tree' holiday project that some of you may have engaged with already.


If you aim for some maths, reading and writing every day to a greater or lesser degree and anything else is a bonus!


Finally, please share with us the ways in which you have decorated your houses to show support for the NHS. The children in my road have put beautiful rainbow pictures up in their windows and I am encouraging the adults to unleash their creativity too!


Rainbows painted by the children in my road.
I made some rainbow rag bunting..
to decorate my house & thank the NHS.

Monday 20th April 2020 Welcome back to (Home) School!


Its lovely to see you all again! I hope you have enjoyed the Easter holiday-I have eaten too many chocolate eggs!


Here I am in my school uniform-but girls, you will have your summer dresses on and boys you will be wearing your short trousers!


Lets see if we can sing the register around the class, like we do in school. 


Toby will have to phone Elspeth; Elspeth can call Millie; Millie will ring up Franky who can then phone Keenan; our 'Good Morning' song will get passed on to Arabella, Martha, Abi, Nellie, Maisie, Ted, Eleanor, Chris, Rafe, Martha, Poppy and finally to Fleurie. Fleurie, please would you then phone Toby and sing it to him?


I think you have each others' mobile numbers through your 'WhatsApp' group. 


'Good Morning' register song

Still image for this video

Photos from the holidays-please send me yours!

Millie's unicorn den in her bluebell wood
Camping-what fun!
Green fingers!
Mmm.. that looks tasty Millie!
Millie busy baking soda bread.
Maisie's floating flowers
Maisie's lambs
Elpeth's rainbow addition
Martha made me a birthday card
Lovely Easter smiles from Abi and Tilly
Sunflower challenge?
Abi's Spring Journal
My 'Nature Table'
Toby attacked by a T Rex!

Happy E A S T E R Easter!

Still image for this video

I challenged myself to make a floating rainbow!

I collected and dissected some spring flowers....
...and tried to make a floating rainbow!

But I am not sure that it quite worked! What do you think?


Thank you to Miss Smith and all the children for the lovely birthday surprise pictures and messages on the playground.


Miss Smith celebrated her birthday the day after mine!


I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend.


I'm sure the Easter bunny will be hiding lots of eggs for you to find.


And remember to say a prayer and sing a joyful song to celebrate!

Follow the link to join in...

A Special Happy Birthday Surprise!

Hello Class 1!

This is Miss Smith here from Class 3. I hope you don't mind me writing something on you class page, but I wanted to let you all know that today is Mrs Kelsey's birthday! What a beautiful sunny day it was for her to celebrate  laugh It was so lovely to see 2 lovely Class 1 faces today at school, and along with our other 5 children we decorated the playground with some birthday artwork for Mrs Kelsey that we wanted to share with you.

Let's give a big hip hip horray for Mrs Kelsey!

Lots of love from Miss Smith x

Home School week 2

3rd April 2020


Hi everyone; just got back from our daily exercise walking Stan on Leckhampton Hill. When I am on the hill I can look over to the Malverns and with my supervision special powers I can see the school and all of you at home! I can see you having fun with your families, helping at home and trying hard with your school work!


Today I will talk about some special projects for the holidays. Firstly, as you have more time with mummy and daddy you could all be 'Little Historians' and do some finding out about the past.


Starting with your own life, find some photos and artefacts (special things) from when you were tiny. They could include photos of: you in mummy's tummy; the day you were born; your christening or other special family gatherings. Your 'Special Things' could be birth announcement cards, Christening invitations, presents or toys and baby clothes you had when you were newborn.


We sometimes put these things in a box called 'My Marvellous Me' box. Here is a photo of mine.



My 'Marvellous Me' box

Me as a baby!

You could also ask mummy and daddy to teach you about your 'Family Tree'; just like Stickman we all have a family tree but not one that we live in! It just shows us how we are related to other people in our families.


Ask mummy and daddy about their own childhoods; where they went to school, the toys they had and the games they played. What was the naughtiest thing they ever did? They probably have some funny photos to show you.


You could also make a video call to your grandparents and ask them the same questions. It would really cheer them up as many of them can't visit you at the moment. 


You could look at lots of photos of family occasions in the past, such as weddings and holidays.



Marvellous me and my Family Tree

Easter Activities

Use your Spring Treasures to make this cross!
Practice your repeating patterns!
Good for scissor and fine motor skills
Make a bonnet like year 1!

The Easter Story

Paint a rainbow and share it on Instagram #rainbowsfornightingale

People all around the UK are painting rainbows!
putting them in their windows to say Thank you NHS

Pink Storybook Intros

The Greedy Green gremlin Intro
Greedy Green gremlin writing composition
In the Night Story Intro
In the Night writing composition
Snow Intro
Snow writing composition

Thursday 2nd April 2020


This week we would have visited St. John the Baptist Church, Eldersfield, twice; with Rev Julie for a role-play christening as a class and also with the whole school community for the Easter Service. Rev Julie came into Class 1 and we were learning all about Christian baptism and belonging to the church. If you would like to look at the photos of the church together and maybe play 'christenings' together that could be fun! here are some support materials and ideas for models and role play.

What egg-speriments could you do?

Plan & construct a challenge trail in the garden-improve your skills!

Muddled up Spring sentences-print them off & cut them up to re-order

Fun ways to build words and to practice tricky words

Wednesday 1st April 2020 Hello Class 1 I hope you all played a trick on mummy yesterday!


Here is a 'New Life' story for you to share today-maybe chat with a friend about it later?

The Ugly Duckling

Good morning everyone  laughheart


Yesterday I went into school and Mr Dixon-Gogh and I sneaked something out of the 'The Dressing Up Box' when no-one was looking! Can you guess what he put on?


I will put some more resources on here today, so check again later.


We have a new page called 'Home Learning' where I will hopefully be able to upload bigger video files in the future; so far I could only make a very short clip.


Please keep emailing me photos and any requests for help or further resources.

Me in my Elsa dress

Spring Chicken

New life emerging from an egg! We are now eggs-sperts at hatching chicks! There are some instructions for you to read to your family so they know how to do it too. See if you can find out more about the life-cycle of a hen or a frog and have a go at writing about it for your 'Spring Jornal'

Chick about to hatch!

Still image for this video

Flower dissection challenge

Enjoy creating stories together with this 'Toolkit'

Class 1 Mini Me - print out and laminate to make little play friends!

Hello Class 1

It is Monday morning again and here we are back at Home School.


Let's start with the register, and then we can have a run, a dog walk. a pony ride. a bike ride or a workout with Joe Wicks!



Still image for this video

This week we are thinking about new life; all around us Spring is bursting forth-green shoots appearing, leaf buds opening, blossom on the cherry trees, birds singing and spring flowers growing in our gardens and out on walks. I am starting a 'Nature Table' at home where I will display all my Spring nature finds - Millie found lots of 'Spring Things' in her woodland area last week. Ted found two nests and spotted a woodpecker, Eleanor went on a Spring listening walk, Martha has adopted an orphan lamb and many of you are planting seeds. It is my favourite time of year! Maybe you could set up a 'Nature Table' too?


One of your Spring Challenges is to make a Spring Journal; I wonder how you will do it?

My Nature Table so far

Here are some Spring Challenges for you; I will add more resources to support these as we go!

Spring challenges from last year

Spring Journal
Spring journal making
Art area inspired by Vanessa Cooper paintings
Dissecting flowers and observing
Fimo flower parts
Float or sink?
Grouping and counting
Sharing eggs between 2 nests
Muddled up Spring sentences
Andy Goldworthy Art
Challenge Trail

ReadWrite Inc support for parents link:

List of recommended Early Years Online Resources- I will look at them all in time; some I know already. Please feedback to me any you use and enjoy-Thank you!

Home School Week 1-We have had such fun!

Dinosaur Topic

The Dinosaur Museum in Class 1 last year

Still image for this video

It's Friday! The first week of 'Home School' is coming to an end. You have all done so well. I am very proud of you all and I think you should give yourselves a 'marshmallow clap'! 


If you have made a museum in a box display maybe present it to your family today; make a poster with the date and time, try using a 'querty' keyboard on the computer-mummy can show you how to type your name, then the alphabet then the title of your exhibition.


I am putting together a slide show using the photos that mummy has emailed to me. Please could Toby send me a couple of photos? And Keenan and Abi too? It would be nice to see you smiles! And also Poppy, if you're not too busy baking bread with daddy can you send me a photo too? It was lovely to see Nellie in school on Wednesday, but if mummy or daddy could send me a photo of you reading at home that would be fab! 


Look out for the pictures this evening; and I will put the next lot of support materials up for next weeks home learning before Monday.


Love to you all x

Good morning everyone! The sun is still shining and the earth it keeps turning! I am very impressed with all of your Home School work-thank you for sending me photos; you're all doing a grand job! Today is Thursday Think-day so I have put a link to a 'Brain Gym' video for you to do (crossing the mid-line exercises). When you know the moves just use it on audio!


I was in school yesterday to see how the tadpoles were doing. The are very wiggly now and they need thin slices of cucumber to eat. They are herbivores to start with but turn into carnivores when they get their legs! Maybe you could find some frogspawn in your garden pond and set up a tadpole tank? You can find out how to care for them online. 


There is also a couple more maths ideas below: did you enjoy your 'Smarties' maths?


Lots of love from Mrs Kelsey xxx

5 days to go-but that was yesterday!
Look-the 'Rainbow' we planted in the Autumn.
Potatoes ready to plant in our little garden.

Wiggling tadpoles

Still image for this video
Hello Class 1 It's Wednesday friendsday so have a chat with a friend today on Facetime maybe? Family, pets and cuddly toys are friends too so have a dance with them to your favourite pop song. Ask mummy or daddy to play you the song they liked to boogie to when they were young and check out their moves! Look a spring chick surprise! Thank you to Isabel's mum, Jenny, for her midwifery skills! Can you all send me an idea for a name for the chicks? Love from Mrs Kelsey & Mrs Bailey-Smith sends her love too xxx

Three chicks born six days early!

Good Morning Class 1


Lovely to message you all today! Hope you had a great day yesterday taking turns to be the teacher with mummy or daddy! Please send me a message and a photo of your day. Enjoy starting Tuesday Snoozeday with some action songs-start with 'Brand New Day' (audio file below) and then 'Head, shoulders. knees and toes' and any more you can think of!

There is a link to more songs from Out of the Ark below too.

love from Mrs Kelsey.


I took a photo of Stan on his walk yesterday.

Tuesday Snoozeday song


Hello Class 1


Week beginning Monday 23rd March

It's time to start our Home Learning challenge! How exciting to play schools at home!

As it is Monday I hope you have all started the day with a run-choose a circuit of the garden and remember to time yourself as you will get faster week by week! Pump those arms as you sprint; feel your heartbeat afterwards.

Maths-practise your 'whisper counting'/counting in twos; watch an episode of 'Numberblocks'!

This week we are measuring using non-standard units. Choose a suitable unit of measure for what you are measuring; see Spring 2 Maths pack page 1. Find out how long a dinosaur is and measure it in strides, not paperclips!

Reading and Writing

Try to engage your child with the content of each ditty/storybook using role play and small world toys; eg

Red group 'Pin it on' ditty book; make your own version of the game and play it!

Purple group 'Ken's Cap' set up your toy diggers in a sand/gravel tray.

Pink group 'Scruffy Ted' find similar soft toys from around the house and role play bedtime.

Introduce the story, then follow timetables (see documents below)

In the lined exercise books practice letter formation, recall of sounds and writing words-a little every day.


Red ditty book daily timetable

Weekly timetable for Purple and Pink Storybooks

The Dinosaur Museum Topic

Our Dinosaur Museum displays from last year

This week we were planning on creating our own Dinosaur Museum display by working in groups to make posters using the laptop and an exhibition in a box, painting a background and adding clay fossils, a clay volcano, model dinosaurs and amazing facts labels. Have a go at home and send in a photo! Here are some resources to help you! And keep watching Andy....

Spring 1-Pets/At the Zoo/Wild World Units

Autumn 2 'Into the Woods'

We ventured 'Into the Woods'
to look for signs of Autumn
and created forest scenes
to retell the story of Goldilocks
and the Three Bears.
We investigated capacity
and sorted their porridge spoons.
We read to baby Bear
and designed & constructed beds
and chairs
of different resources
and sizes!

'Autumn Celebrations' Rainbow Challenges

Our writing challenge was to create a book...
about bonfire night celebrations!
Autumn birthday and Poppy Day.
We invented stories...
about people who work at night, such as witches...
firefighters and paramedics...
who rescue us from problems...
using their fire engines.
We learned about Diwali celebrations.
Created diva lamps...
and role played having a feast of Indian food.
Some of us liked the spicy food...
and dressing up to dance.
We created rangoli patterns
and constructed temples.
Our maths challenge was to explore a tens frame..
to match numbers to amounts...
and make a magical spell!
We moved our own joints in different ways...
and explored ways to make a skeleton move!


Over Farm Visit October 2019