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Most of this week's afternoon activities are a repeat of last week, so that you can revisit them and/or try something new.

How To See Sound | Science Experiments | Lab 360

You have been investigating echoes with The Highway Rat. Take a look at this great science video related to sound. What causes sound? Here's a quick and easy science experiment that helps to add a visual element to the science of sound. Science is fun of all ages. This is a really fun project and when you first see the results, chances are your jaw will drop!

10 Amazing Experiments with Water

Try some of these with adult help! If you experimented last week, try another one this week.

Sock Bean Bags

For full instructions and examples of the games you can play with bean bags, click on the link under the video.

James Brunt-Creating Natural Art

Watch James Brunt create a mandela pattern using lolly sticks; what could you use to create a pattern?

Tales Toolkit Summer story

Turn your play into a story; role-play, small world, construction and art activities can all lead into a story; ask your child to tell you their your story and write it down for them; ask them to dictate it one word at a time! Maybe act out their story as a family, complete with costumes, props, sound effects and backing track, or just simply, in a mime.

Here a child has created a story using Tales Toolkit about a mermaid and the problem of an empty treasure chest.

Guide to the 'Tales Toolkit'