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January 2021 Spring term Home Reading Books

This term is the one when the children will really begin to apply their phonics to read books. We will use the 'Read Write Inc' books in guided reading sessions in class as they are designed to help your child make good progress with their reading. Every week your child will bring home 2 reading books-one 'Read Write Inc' book and one Oxford Reading Tree book.


Please see the page on 'Supporting your child' for guidance on how to use these books.


Please return books every Monday, together with the school reading record/home link book. New books will come home on a Tuesday, just like last term.



October 2020 Autumn Term Home Reading Books


Every Tuesday your child will bring home 3 books from school for you to share and return the following Monday.


There will be a story book for you to read to your child to develop their language and comprehension (see 'How to support my child in school' page for a helpful video), and I have sent a green sheet of ideas for activities you could do together based around the book.


There may be a wordless picture book to talk about and to develop your child's ability to speak in sentences and to invent a narrative using story language, which you will need to model for them to start with.


There may be a book to help develop your child's phonological awareness; rhythm, rhyme & alliteration. Play around with sounds, words and rhymes.


Your child will have a book matched to their phonic knowledge for them to read to you. They should be able to read this confidently.  However, some children who find it difficult to master blending of sounds in order to read words need to hear an adult modelling how to do it. If this is the case then point to and read each sound quickly and then say the word straight away, sweeping your finger quickly under the word as you say it.


Your child can then copy you. Do this until they are able to blend independently.


Please return all books and then green sheet every Monday, along with your child's 'Home Link' book where you can comment on your child's reading, and I can write in the titles for home.