School Council

As part of our commitment to so-called ‘British Values’ we have School Council. This is democratically elected and gives pupils in each year group the opportunity to represent their peers and have their views heard. School Council members stand for half a year before being re-elected. We meet with our Headteacher, Mr Paisley, every two or three weeks, usually in the school library.

We have made loads of decisions about what happens at school. For instance we chose which pieces of kit we wanted for our outdoor gym, how we wanted to raise money for Sport Relief and we’ve even chosen which candidate we like best when new staff come here for  interview. We also complained about our toilets and got them fixed up with a massive makeover.

We also get involved in HOW we’re taught. For instance, we have what we call Learning Muscles which help us to understand what makes a good learner. We decided there were too many and so we asked our classes to discuss and then vote on the ones they thought were most useful. So now we all have a poster in class that ranks them and is much more helpful.

We did something similar with our Christian Values: whereas we had 18, which was a bit confusing, now we have 6 main ones – one for each half term – which is easier to remember. We spent quite a bit of time doing this with Mr Paisley and we also looked at what our parents and the staff thought about them too.

Quite often we get to talk to the school in assembly and tell everyone what we’re doing. If you want to stand then talk to your teacher or Mr Paisley and listen out for the next election when the new reps are chosen.

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